Sift flour and spice together into a separate bowl, then fold it into the creamy mixture. Add the powdered sugar, Irish cream, and salt, and beat at medium to high speed until fully combined and light. fyi Guinness isn’t actually a vegan stout, because it contains a form of gelatin derived from fish in the making of the beer. It will keep well for some time – in fact it has to “rest” for a week at least before it achieves its full flavor. The cream cheese frosting resembles the foamy head of a glass of Guinness. Just make the cake exactly as is and forget all about me telling you it's vegan. Thanks so much for this awesome recipe! (And now you’re making me want a slice lol). Hooray!! The chocolate cake … Gradually add the powdered sugar then the Irish cream. As Donal says, tea and butter are a must to enjoy the traditional treat. ♡♡♡, Your email address will not be published. The dense and fudgy sponge has an intense malty flavour which comes from the addition of the stout and is topped with a creamy, white chocolate, cream cheese frosting which some say helps the finished cake resemble a pint of Guinness! Now gradually beat in the eggs, aiming for a consistent, creamy structure again. I should really just buy a new pan lol. Set the pot aside. After 10 minutes, remove the cake from the baking sheet and let it cool completely on a cooling rack. Absolutely it will! dietary fiber: 1.4g 6 %. no dairy. It's super rich in flavor, perfectly sweetened, ultra moist, and totally dreamy. ), That chocolate Guinness cake you see up there isn't any ordinary cake; it's the best dang chocolate cake there ever has been. If your flour blend has a leavening agent then you can make it without. Once it is completely cool, cover it with the frosting. Often recipes will use flour for the pan, but I like cocoa powder for chocolate cake as it keeps the color of the cake nice and dark. You will need the following ingredients to bake a Guinness cake (but see the notes below): Alternate recipes sometimes suggest using more flour (350 gr or 12 oz), fewer eggs (3), half the amount of nuts, and adding a teaspoon of baking powder. For the cake. When the Ireland Guinness Cake is cooled peel the wax paper off and dust with powdered sugar. Was I supposed to put the rest in the batter??? ★☆ Definetly saving this recipe! 225 gr or 8 oz softened butter (any butter will do, but slightly salted Irish butter is best), 275 gr or 10 oz plain flour use well-ground flour, no wholemeal or self-raising flour), 150 ml or ¼ pint Guinness (Guinness Stout, not Guinness Black). You may also use other nuts if you like, or substitute them with dried fruit if you have to be allergy-conscious (or chocolate flakes – but this will dramatically alter the taste, though not for the worse - try to use dark chocolate only, Butler's Irish Chocolate if you have it). Well, here's your chance to make a true Irish delicacy. A moist, heavy and delicious cake, with notes of coffee and cocoa topped with a dreamy buttercream. ★☆ We used dairy-free dark chocolate as we wanted to make this cake vegan. Then again it tastes so good that it is hard to have the will power to all it to sit for very long at all. I wasn’t sure how deep the pan should be so I just used the deepest one I could find. Just a few notes: Suoer moist and just plain delicious. The first step in the actual baking process is to cream butter and sugar together, the end result should be light and fluffy. Pour the batter into the prepared baking sheet and bake in the oven for 25-30 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the middle of the cake comes out clean. Take your sultanas and raisins as a guideline for the final size of pieces you are trying to achieve. Method. The results are amazing! Hopefully others will find these notes helpful. Ever wanted to bake a Guinness fruit cake, but never knew how? Preheat the oven to 350°F. The good news is that you do not have to achieve a very fine powder, a rough chop will do. I always use parchment in my 11×9 cake pan as it’s old and a little rusty. 2 Heat Guinness, butter, add cocoa and sugar: In a large saucepan … In a large bowl, use an electric mixer to beat the butter until light and fluffy. The buttercream was sweet, though, with a touch of Irish cream--a perfect contrast with the cake. Generously grease two 8-inch cake pans and line with parchment rounds. There are many different brands that are 100% vegan. Cook time: 50 minutes. I had one question; when the ingredient listed is chocolate chips- are these milk or dark chocolate? Design by Purr. I’m so happy that the recipe was a hit! My vegan co-worker loved it too. This cake is delightful when served up with some homemade unsweetened whipped cream. The whiskey frosting came together quickly and spread beautifully over top of the cooled cake. If butter is not your thing, pass me all the butter and I'll hand you all the Earth Balance. Guinness Cake Recipe | How to Make Guinness Cake | Baking Mad This is a deep, rich chocolate sheet cake that’s soft and tender under a layer of creamy and boozy Baileys Irish … Could you please tell me what 440 ml can Guinness is. The frosting compliments the cake perfectly, the only thing I changed was to double the amount of whiskey in the buttercream, but that’s only because my SO preferred a more intense whiskey flavor. Line bottoms with parchment. Cacao : 150 g. Flour : 225 g. Soft brown sugar : 350 g. Soft butter : 200 g Add the oil, vinegar, and the remaining Guinness in the can and whisk. From my understanding, a small amount will remain. Lastly, I was worried the frosting was too little because I couldn’t cover the cake very neatly but it was actually the perfect amount. After all, baking is hard and hot work, and one needs refreshments and calories! Cupcakes usually bake in about 15-20.

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