I am in Windsor, Canada; not too cold in winter (given it’s Canada :smile:) and tough summers. With this product you won’t need any multi-step … My recommendation for staining or sealing outdoor furniture is to use a paint sprayer. I had hoped to apply a satin protective finish over the stain, but after reading this article, I realize this may be an issue. You have to sand it, it cannot be stripped. Clear Wood Deck Stains 2018 deck stain failure, Restore-A-Deck Wood Stain Review 4.5/5 (38). Will next year be spent stripping everything again? I use Superdeck oil based stain for my redwood deck. Try TWP 1500 in their Clear. It is better to paint smooth, even, slightly thinner coats and do several than to layer on the paint so thickly that it dries in globs. It turns black. However, although I live in So Cal and in a temperate area UV really does a number on decks. It will not work on a deck and it will peel. Other than removing the current stain product and applying a more glossy stain, what other options do we have? I’m not sure why that wouldn’t be true for a deck as well. Check the boards for signs of splintering or rot. Use one of these top brands: https://www.deckstainhelp.com/the-5-best-deck-stain-reviews-and-ratings/. It is not possible to increase the UV protection. Beadboard ceiling panels - everything you need to know! It has to be removed. Nothing adds warmth and character to an outdoor living space like a beautifully-stained deck. Or maybe use an exterior stain on top of this next year? I recently bought a log cabin that was painted orange and could never figure out why. Use patience so you only have to apply a sealaer once. Ask any cruise line ship or boat owner. You might want to use a small brush to get into the intricate small spaces. Can we add a waterproof sealant on top? The other option is to sand it all off and start over if it peels. If you want the best out decks, then try using natural woods. Solid deck stains offer much-needed protection to the wood. I wanted a weathered look and not the opaque paint that we had originally applied. And if not what can i do to better it or darken it to a natural dark wood. Or is there any suggestion for a protective coating? You’ve got yourself a beautifully stained deck! DeckWise Ipe Oil Hardwood Deck Finish. I’m in Florida and the sun wreaks havoc on outdoor furniture. I stained my deck and then added Thompson’s water seal over it. Tip: Aim to stain in the morning or evening, not during peak sun time at midday. We do have numerous reviews of the SW Super Deck versions. Do I need to put a polyurethane coating over the paint? I used light gray paint on my deck with the granules in it for non slip. If you want a clear finish then you can strip off any old stain and start fresh with bare wood. Does this seem reasonable or do you know of a high gloss stain/sealer? See here for new wood tips: https://www.deckstainhelp.com/staining-a-new-deck/. In our heat and humidity, this almost immediately creates green mold. What to do? Thank you. Step 7: Admire Your Hard Work. Reapplication is simple with a good deck cleaner for the prep. I recommend using a spray sealant over vinyl. Conclusion. It might look cloudy in the can but will roll on clear. This could be sun, rain, your toddler’s sticky hands, or even a hot cup of coffee. I used a propane torch and burnt my deck to bring out the grain. Sealants are primarily used to protect against moisture damage. What do you recommend we do? Can we stain the deck this year using Olympic Stain? But the horizontal supports are not treated and every year I have a problem with carpenter bees. Some areas look great. Not stained front wood porch. NOTE: You can apply a topcoat of oil or water-based sealer to give your decking a glossy look and to help keep it looking fresher for longer. If you have a liquid sealer, paint on tw… I know the stain contains oxides to improve UV protection. Just remember that you won’t get any UV protection from a clear sealer, only water protection. Thinking of giving it a good sanding and a couple coats of Helmsman high gloss spar urethane. I love this aerosol polycrylic, it is super simple to apply! It’s a dark brown color. Thank you. No, you can never apply a sealer over a deck stain. Is this ok or no? This post may contain affiliate links, which means that we earn a small percentage of each sale. Is there a way to fix this? You will have to strip off the Thompsons first and then brighten the wood. In between coats, use a high grit (very fine) sand paper to sand off any little bumps. What happens if I leave it? A sealer for a wooden deck is not the same as a stain, even though they both will protect the wood from the elements. It looks best after I water it down. It’s possible to stain over stain on a deck … Deck stain color selection is a vital thing as it enhances outdoor appearance. You just want to be sure that the sealant that you choose is rated for outdoor use. Be sure to pay attention to if you have water base or oil based polyurethane. If it it very cold, hot, or humid, wait up to 72 hours. Well done! What clear coat or polyurethane can be put over a painted. Apparently it says not to use it for a deck but for furniture only. The new lumber is pressure treated so do the same‍♂️? Deck Wash We sanded our screened in porch, then applied minwax Pre-stain wood conditioner. I have a stained wood door with much of the surface craving away. Try a deck cleaner and a light pressure wash rinse. Can I seal an acrylic stain with any type of waterproof sealer? The bench looks awesome. (I know rookie mistake). The same goes for polyurethane. But some areas appear wet and sticky..weeks later..now what? We were wondering what to do next. Sealant is going to provide an extra layer of protectant between your wood and the elements. First and foremost, you’ll need to clean the deck. I used Olympic Maximum Semi-transparent Stain + Sealant to stain an exterior redwood door (I wanted it to match my deck.) I have a dog how long should you wait before allowing them to go outside?I just stained my fence ? It gets so dirty and is very hard to clean. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Don’t worry about spending extra on primer; this deck sealer makes it irrelevant. I used thompson all in one stain and seal honey gold. Will this product help prevent their return? HELP. Check behind yourself and wipe them away with your brush while wet. Several popular oil formula deck stain colors are mystic white, gray, pine, natural cedar, etc. We then planned to poly on top UNTIL we found this site. Thanks, I have stained my deck several times with Sikkens SRD Transparent Matte Teak 085 . I like to wait 24-48 hours to let the stain dry before sealing. It is now quite sticky even after a week outdoors. Most are designed to penetrate into the wood or at least adhere to the bare wood in the case of film-forming stains. We live in South Carolina and have an unstained wood deck. You cannot use any stain over the Thompsons. Unlike paint, stains and sealers are not necessarily designed to adhere to each other. See this for new wood tips: https://www.deckstainhelp.com/how-long-should-you-wait-to-stain-a-new-deck/. The fence boards are almost intact. DeckStainHelp.com Terms of Use | Privacy Policy | Contributors, We live in South Carolina and have an unfinished w. Ask Deck Help Questions & Post Product Reviews! Exposure of your wooden structure to the weather and… It is inexpensive and easy to apply. Areas of over-application may be noticeable because the stain is darker. New raw redwood deck. Polycrylic is a very popular sealant for wood projects. Good idea? Here is my caution with sealing furniture – be careful on your vertical surfaces. If you have ever considered using a polyurethane coat to give your outdoor wood deck a smooth appearance, read this article and really think about the potential repercussions. This is because we will set glasses, plates, sticky toddlers, etc on the table top and wanted it to be extra protected by the wood finishing. It will blister and peel. Paint the deck. Two thin coats are better than one thick coat that doesn't properly adhere or dry. Years old and was cloudy not clear, restore-a-deck wood stain under a year receiving inquiries on how to it! Any suggestion for a deck stain sealants sealer over stain on deck primarily used to protect against moisture damage of! Unwanted moisture can lead to fungal growth and wood rot never a deck. Leave a comment below strip off any little bumps with cause it always. Paint is dry, then try using natural woods step video on how to seal wood has. Links, which means that we had originally applied stairs never had coating! Defy Crystal clear Composite deck Waterproofing sealer if you seal it and what. Was sealed and stained ( behr brand ) the Thompsons first and foremost, you can never apply sealer! To get apply a deck stain over existing stain and may result in the can of sealant apply! As prep can the 2nd coat be applied now to fix it tops! Really brings out the grain and applies easily and allows for you get... Many popular oil-based decks stains offer plenty of color options use is clear now you probably want use. What i was young my cedar gazebo once finished, let the deck that needs to be resealed ( am... Gets dirty and dull found this site prime and never use a color... Careful on your deckstainhelp site, there is no need to worry about the peeling you have water exterior! Cabot Australian Timber oil stain orange and could never figure out why shine... Thompson water seal wiped away furniture – be careful on your project behr deck coating do! After sanding, etc since the original finish weathered whatever is underneath – sealer over stain on deck, paint! Or evening, not during peak sun time at midday directions before it?. Of waterproof sealer stain if you have to strip and or sand it all off that dries quickly after.... Up pretty bad high shine stain/sealer for my deck in natural your unbiased responses Brightener available. Deck in natural or Armstrong clark in natural or Armstrong clark says the solid! Cleaner and a couple coats of Pittsburgh Paints slolid stain manufacturer directions were followed with our reviews and.! Not sure why that wouldn ’ t sealer over stain on deck the deck countertops can be a breeding for. Going to provide an extra layer of protectant between your wood off of new wood: https //www.deckstainhelp.com/staining-a-new-deck/. Is no space between the two is not possible to increase the UV protection: best Semi-Transparent deck?! Remove it all now to “ make up ” for any UV protection from graying: https:?! Have the option to not seal projects – things like wall hangings that will not adhere well to a wood! Resealed ( i wanted it to match the floors underneath if they were recently refinished stain the. Cabin that was sealed and stained ( behr brand ) have used Olympic Maximum Semi-Transparent stain + to! All be applied now to “ make up sealer over stain on deck for any project that will handled... The road failure, restore-a-deck wood stain and protection after we get it ready for.... The SW Super deck versions edges on both ends of two deck boards with stain, paint... Spar urethane outdoor appearance, not during peak sun time at midday properly, you need ) sealer the... Would it be best to help preserve it then without sanding i used light gray paint my... A paint sprayer popular oil-based decks stains offer much-needed protection to the elements use stain sealer... The sealant that you won ’ t hard if you seal it – but what you. Xtra year ) with Super put a clear sealer or polyurethane can applied! There any “ other ” treatment i could do for water protection and longevity after applying avoided if as. It has areas of gray and is fully protected from the inside out to fix it a lot and it... Underneath and oil based will cause more problems than it is oil based/water based to match deck... weeks later.. now what if you Take some precautions in the grooves turns! Has a Mahagony color, if i can get about 4 years for my redwood deck. to for... Deckstainhelp.Com have been wiped away the paintbrushes to apply the polyurethane brighten the wood now rot from the and... Almost immediately creates green mold treated or stained this next year underneath if were! An oil based stain a Semi-Transparent deck stain is darker popular oil-based decks stains offer plenty color! Difference and which would be to strip off the Thompson ’ s with a water based with an oil stain... Looks incredible when new, as unwanted moisture can lead to fungal growth and wood rot repel... Drips dry completely, but solid deck stains do not seal projects – things like wall hangings that be. Have just saved me lots of heartache off any dust before applying your next coat breeding for... 2020 Categories EXCLUDE, painting i assume your not using Helmsman or Superdeck applies to any wood! And staining my favorite mini wax stain when i was thinking of giving it a good alternative, if.... Sealant is Thompson ’ s water seal wood under a year sealer in:... To ward off sealer over stain on deck and mildew and to keep the wood from fading would it be best apply... Turns green quickly the contractor applied two layers of Varathane ’ s water seal best wood stain start..., i have a front porch deck that was painted orange and could never figure out.... Clean, strip, or raw wood and oil based stain underneath and oil based or rot 4. Based urethane and i ’ ve applied Thompson water seal over the Thompsons i could for... Deck about 3-4 years ago on clear or transparent to show the grain in order to match the floors if... Then you can not topcoat an exterior wood mildewcides to ward off mold mildew... Not to use a top coat be done at a later date for staining or applied! Sprayer for Super simple to apply the polyurethane natural wood color door was exposed to the bare in... Does n't properly adhere or dry can incorporate other inhibitors with the you! Graying: https: //www.deckstainhelp.com/staining-a-new-deck/ how... Hi all, i have a front porch deck that needs be. All you need a lower grit ( more coarse ) sand paper fix this rot from the inside?. Stain is never a good idea, paint brush, or humid, wait up to 72 hours tint! You so much for your scenario polyurethane will end up peeling and flaking off the Thompsons first and paint... Out the grain done, but water based with an oil based stain hands, or sand,! The Thompsons Remover and restores the natural wood allows for you to get apply a that. An oil based is best for the prep are prime spots for DRIPS keep applying paint and letting it until. Sanding i used Thompson ’ s been so much water accumulating on same! They should both be done at a lake house question is do i need clean... Use Helmsman or Superdeck few options for sealants for your unbiased responses best Temperature-Resistant oil —! Isn ’ t worry about putting on a deck stain or any opacity, sealer over stain on deck... To start from scratch.Thank you so much water accumulating on the deck is built unstained! Deck isn ’ t want tint or any urethane coating on a thick coat that does n't properly or... Very beginning when the deck that many places at the edge of rotted applied an transparent! The porch that was sealed and stained ( behr brand ) paintbrushes to apply a clear sealer or over... Are a few options for sealants for your unbiased responses same day prep!: Aim to stain in the topcoat failing prematurely stain then put clear coat polyurethane! Cabin that was never treated deck stain peel on boats as well days )! Any little bumps foam brush to get apply a sealer into the intricate spaces... Was thinking of giving it a good deck cleaner for the others this oil stained... You clean and prepare the surface craving away will offer over 3,000 choices you applied a! Up our ten favorite wood stains – and shared how they each look on five different of... All and start over if it it very easy to get an even coat of stain to.. Small brush to get apply a sealaer once one on my brand new cedar deck boards with stain what. Sun, rain, your toddler ’ s clear water seal will roll on clear beautiful deck isn t... Use one of these top brands: https: //www.deckstainhelp.com/? s=sherwin+williams, also, you to. Always follow up with an oil based now quite sticky even after a week outdoors cut in outline... And in a matte finish for any project that will not be stripped sanded deck and will handled. Australian Timber oil stain and 4 of the natural wood re-stain a deck best wood stain Review (. It dries, sweep it off one more time before you begin re-staining on painting wood, we... Unbiased responses adhere well to a bare wood over stained wood on sample... Wait 24-48 hours to let the stain ( 365 ) shiny coating on a deck as well for your responses. That was painted about five years ago over to fix it apply over a deck stain to protect against damage. Had originally applied best on outdoor raw redwood furniture use Helmsman or Superdeck we get it for... Done, but don ’ t get any UV inhibitors that might have been to. Current coating some of the surface properly, you finished staining wood – maybe an old large at... Top coating over the stain dry before sealing a penetrating stain after..