Make a left on Back O’ Beyond Road. Once at the top after the short gruelling climb you are welcomed by great views towards North West Bay and back over Mount Wellington towards Collins Bonnet. An interesting thing we found is … It is also the most photographed Red Rock Formation, often found on postcards and calendars. Take the Huon Road from Hobart down to Neika. You should plan at least an hour before the actual sunset hour to watch the changing light on Cathedral Rock and the Creek. The total trail out and back is 1.4-miles, with 645-feet of elevation gain. But if you want to see it up-close and enjoy the captivating views of Sedona from atop this rock, you’ll have to hike the Cathedral Rock trail. TRAIL STATS. 55. Cathedral Rock is one of the most popular hikes in Sedona — understandably so. This vortex is at the intersection of Oak Creek and Cathedral Rock, called Red Rock Crossing. It offers both locals and tourists a day in the land of red rocks, vortexes and new age bookstores. Hiking the Cathedral Rock Trail at sunrise was a special highlight of our 3-day trip to Sedona. The fee machines at designated trailheads accept credit cards only. Cathedral Rock is a challenging 9km, 4-hour walk on the southern outskirts of Wellington Park. Fantastic views of Southern Tasmania reward you at the summit. Daniel and the wide Cle Elum Valley. The views before you hit the switchbacks and on the top are amazing. Home / Hikes & Trails / Cathedral Rock Trail . Many hikers at this point turned around or waited there deciding if they were going to proceed. The track returns to a rugged trail, climbing even more steeply along the back face of the rock. Note that Yavapai Point has less than 20 spots total and will add almost 4 miles one way to your hike via the Templeton Trail. If you’ve never been to Sedona, it’s like Arizona’s version of Zion. Cathedral Rock, Bell Rock, Boynton Canyon, and Airport Mesa. This is a favorite hike in the Sedona area. Its views from various points on the trail are stunning. For this cool, dry day, however, the rocks were easy to navigate. The Cathedral Rock is our most popular Sedona day hike and justifiably so! The Hike House Sedona Trail Rating System provides actual hiker feedback and ratings of each of the Sedona hiking trails. To be honest, these sections make the hike incredibly fun. Cathedral Rock is a short hike that offers beautiful views of the naturally occurring red rock formations in the heart of red rock country. Sometimes the rock rises in gradations, and in those sections, the climb is fairly easy. There are some steep sections so hiking shoes are recommended. From Hobart head west via Davey Street (A6). Bring a backpack with water reservoir or water bottle because you will want your hands to be free. Do exercise extreme caution on your way down. Park the car near the bridge and walk to the sign marking the start of the hike. How difficult is the Cathedral Rock hike? Those of us who love hiking know it’s a ton of fun. More Difficult, 2.8 miles. Hiking Cathedral Rock Trail is worth the trip to Sedona, worth the vulture-like hovering to get a parking spot, and worth the challenging climb to the top. There is a small trailhead parking area. Supposedly, vortexes are places where the earth seems especially alive with energy. It is significantly cooler so check the weather before you go. I had read about vortexes on the internet, but never had visited Sedona or any vortex location. (This trailhead is closed during winter months) The trail begins in Mazie Canyon with ponderosa and white fir, but soon nears aspen. The trail ends with a short steep climb to Cathedral Rock. Even better, you can combine a visit to these energizing vortexes with a fun hike. Majestically overlooking the land and Oak Creek, Cathedral Rock is revered by Native Americans as a home of gods and birthplace of the first man and woman. Cathedral Rock Park. It promises so much — from giving us the chance to embrace nature, to breathe in the fresh air, and to get far from the stress of life.