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We’ll return to our iconic orange-slice caps in just a few weeks, as soon as our supplier catches up with demand. Add the ice cubes last. Let’s blend! This strawberry banana smoothie with orange juice is so easy to make and if it’s not summer yet it will bring you warm thoughts! 3.6k Views. Today's recipe is my sister favorite smoothie recipe. 1 cup ice chips. I love seeing what you’ve made! Apple Banana Smoothie Plattershare. Swap the kale for spinach and he won’t taste it AT ALL! Strawberry banana orange smoothie (5) 5 min. (Tip: you can freeze leftovers for a tasty frozen treat) by John Kestner. Just never really thought about it. This temporary move is driven by our cap supplier streamlining production to meet increased demand during Covid-19. Thanks, Cassandra! Deselect All. Ingredients: Serves 2. Haha and yes…it was probably quite the sight…. This healthy mango orange banana smoothie is made with just 5 ingredients and is perfect for breakfast or anytime of the day. This search takes into account your taste preferences. I used 3 bananas off the counter and I pulled just one from the freezer to chill and thicken the smoothie a bit. love what is in these shakes but not for sure if I can get my hubby to drink one with me or not. amzn_assoc_ad_type = "smart";
xx, Kusum | Would you recommend coconut water in this smoothie too? Make sure you get the 100% juice! An easy Orange and Banana Yogurt Smoothie recipe. To begin, simply place the mango, orange, banana, yogurt (or milk), and honey in the food processor. Switch up virtually any ingredient based on what you have on hand. Ingredients. Kale can be a bit much for new green smoothie drinkers. Easy vegetarian recipes, one ingredient at a time. You can use any milk you’d like but I like to use almond or cashew milk. May 5, 2017 By Victoria. I swear mine had no inside and was just one mass of coconut wood. You can substitute just about any juice here, like apple, pineapple, or white grape. Love how bright and clear and beautiful your photos are. Delicious! What a great and healthy chilly treat. My kids flipped over it. Visit the post for more. If the mixture is too thick, add another tablespoon of … Sweet Potato Fettuccine in Gorgonzola Sauce. What more to say, Greek yogurt is the smoothest of them all. The tulip-man likes to say I’m a hamster because I hoard everything (which, do hamsters even do that?? And the great thing about cooking up kale for two whole weeks is our freezer is PACKED with kale. Submit your question or comment below. Enjoy a refreshing twist on a smoothie by adding coconut water instead of milk. Honestly it’s still really cold where I’m at. Banana Orange & Spinach Smoothie Recipe by Archana's Kitchen Start the blender on low and increase the speed until the fruit and ice are blended and smooth. Sounds like a delicious smoothie!! Orange Banana Smoothie is a unique combination of sweet and tangy fruit with carrot. I had no idea you could freeze kale. 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract. oh my… this sounds delicious. There are two ways you can prep this smoothie ahead of time: Leave a comment below and tag @liveeatlearn on social media! are the classic green smoothie’s exotic cousin. After drinking a cup of this orange banana smoothie, I understand why she love it so much. Love that you included coconut in your smoothie, where I am from coconut is used on a regular basis, its so healthy. HERE’S A … 1 / 2 cup Strawberries – fresh or frozen 1 Banana Typically we blend our greens fresh but I must say we do waste quite a bit that way as it tends to go bad before we finish it. I never wait for winter to end to enjoy smoothies 🙂 I just bundle up and drink them anyways! What’s with the White Caps? amzn_assoc_marketplace = "amazon";
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A great source of vitamin C, antioxidants and dietary fiber. Yes!! However, rest assured that the Florida’s Natural orange juice behind the white cap is the same delicious juice, made by Florida farmers, from only 100% Florida oranges. Instructions In a blender, combine orange segments, blueberries, sliced banana, 1 Tbsp milk, and agave syrup. You were correct blended the kale and juice first and made a world of difference thank you! Last updated Dec 14, 2020. As far as leafy greens go, kale can be much more sturdy than most. My life changed after I discovered freezing greens! I froze my banana and used orange juice vs. a fresh orange. amzn_assoc_ad_mode = "manual";

Zero added sugar, all fresh fruit, and only takes about 10 minutes for awesomeness. amzn_assoc_placement = "adunit0";
246 Likes It makes it easier to pour into my smoothies. Thanks, Maya! 1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract. ), but I like to think of it as being thrifty. 1/2 medium banana. If you are on Weight Watchers, using a 50% orange juice blend will make this cool drink a total of three points since bananas are zero. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content. This is the perfect creamiest smoothie for your summer, introducing the strawberry banana smoothie with Greek yogurt. I pinky swear you can’t taste the … The smoothie turned out closer to a thick juice than a chilly frozen smoothie. Some of my favorite fresh fruit smoothie recipes are . Saturday night I had the opportunity to present at the Salt Lake Home + Garden Festival … 1/2 cup lowfat vanilla yogurt. Made with four simple ingredients, like strawberries, banana, and orange juice, this is a deliciously satisfying fruit smoothie that's perfect at any time of the day! Full recipe at The Taylor House. Add the strawberries, yogurt, banana, frozen concentrated orange juice and honey to the blender. Mango Greens Smoothie – made with spinach and kale, this is my favorite green smoothie. SUBSCRIBE HERE: creamy orange banana breakfast smoothie is ready in just minutes and has no dairy in it! Join our Eatmail newsletter to get a free copy of our “Dinner Is Served” Cookbook, new recipes, exclusive meal plans, and more! This Tropical Kale Smoothie recipe is a tropical take on the classic green smoothie, complete with pineapple, orange juice, banana, and kale! How to Make a REAL Strawberry Orange Banana Smoothie This will impress your friends AND your taste buds! Which means it may break down differently in your blender! … This smoothie was an impromptu drink that I tossed together the other day, just to use up an over abundance of bananas. Banana: Banana makes this smoothie feel creamy (without the dairy). Not to mention we will be trying it in the recipe you provided too! Peel, slice, and freeze bananas in resealable plastic bags to use as a nutritious thickener for a variety of smoothies. I love sneaking kale into my smoothies for an antioxidant boost. amzn_assoc_linkid = "94f1827c921919b549396fef209ce02e";
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In order to keep your local grocer stocked with delicious Florida’s Natural orange juice, we’ve moved from our signature orange-slice cap to an all-white cap. © 2020 Citrus World, INC. All Rights Reserved. To make a green smoothie without banana, substitute it for 1/4 cup coconut milk + a drizzle of honey. Make this for breakfast at home, or on the go, or make this for your afternoon snack! I am so ready for this Chicago winter to be over so I can enjoy some smoothies again! All you have to do is add a frozen banana (fresh works too when you’re in a pinch), some ice cubes, orange juice concentrate, a little almond milk and the Burt’s Bees Vanilla Protein Powder. Allrecipes has more than 140 trusted orange smoothie recipes complete with ratings, reviews and tips. I left out the salt and used a bit more ice. A flavor-loving nutritionist and sensory science specialist showing you how to make easy vegetarian recipes, one ingredient at a time. Have a question? A free cookbook full of our favorite vegetarian dinner recipes! cinnamon powder, almonds, full-fat milk, honey, condensed milk and 4 more. 1/2 cup orange juice. Learn how to make palate satisfying fruit concoction in this smoothie recipe. This recipe is a finger licking creamy variation of orange smoothie. Ingredients 1 cup 100% orange juice 1 frozen banana 1/2 cup frozen cauliflower 1 scoop vanilla protein powder 2 tablespoons unsweetened coconut flakes Pour it … These pineapple and kale smoothies (tropikale…get it?!) Strawberry orange banana smoothie recipe all recipes uk strawberry banana juice recipe with tangy lime smooth honey strawberry orange banana smoothie garlic zest vitamin c strawberry orange banana smoothie ambitious kitchen Perfect for smoothies, no need to add ice cubes or sugar. Orange: there’s no orange juice concentrate in this recipe, just one fresh orange packed with vitamin C. Almond milk : to help get the right consistency and keep the smoothie vegan & dairy free. Kari I used less milk and more yogurt to … 1/2 cup Florida’s Natural® No Pulp Orange Juice. It’s thick and creamy and sweetened with natural honey. Process until combined. Hahaha I chuckled a bit at your telling of your coconut-opening misadventures. They’re damnably hard to open, aren’t they! *At least one of your fruits should be frozen to make this smoothie frosty cold. Here are some of my favorite modifications to this smoothie: Meal prepping your smoothies is a great way to ensure you get your morning dose of leafy greens, even when you’re pressed for time! Apple Banana Smoothie without Orange Juice Recipes 135,983 Recipes. Orange juice smoothie is ready. That would be great! Here’s how to perfectly blend kale, no matter what blender you have: The nice thing about green smoothies are how adaptable they are! Strawberry Banana Smoothie with Yogurt and Orange Juice. If you'd like to amp up the nutrition even more, you could certainly add a scoop of vanilla protein powder or even some spinach greens too! Strawberry Banana Smoothie Recipe With Orange Juice. The kale flavor might shine through a bit more in that case (because the OJ does wonders for balancing it out). 1/2 cup banana slices, partially frozen. Blend until smooth, stopping halfway through to scrape the sides of your blender if needed. join the eatmail for exclusive recipes & meal ideas. Orange Juice: Fresh orange juice brightens up this smoothie! Blend until there are no whole fruit chunks. Tired of the same old thing for breakfast every morning? I love smoothie's for breakfast and the combination of orange and banana is wonderful however I tweaked the recipe to my tastes. 1/2 cup Florida’s Natural® No Pulp Orange Juice. amzn_assoc_tracking_id = "lieale-20";
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. Thick and healthy fruit drink with apple, banana and orange juice. I used to waste SOOO much, and now I literally freeze every soon-to-go-bad produce for smoothies (i currently have frozen beets, cabbage, kale, and spinach haha), Oh my looks so delicious, I love Kale in my smoothie or just about anything! Why not try this delicious Orange Banana Breakfast Smoothie? 1 cup frozen mango pieces. Totally going to switch to freezing it now! The frozen banana takes the place of shaved ice and results in a smooth, creamy texture. Packed with nutrients and flavor, this smoothie makes a quick, filling breakfast or after-school snack. The great thing about kale is you can freeze it for smoothies, so it virtually never goes bad. 1/2 cup almond milk. 1 orange; 1 banana; 1 carrot; 2 cups of coconut water; 1 teaspoon of honey for sweetness (optional) 3-4 ice-cubes for extra chill (optional) The looks awesome. We are lucky if it reaches the high 40’s, and I know in other parts of the country it is way colder. Jump to Recipe Print Recipe. This no banana berry smoothie is sweet from the berries, creamy from the greek yogurt, and I love the tang and acidity from the orange juice. When bananas get overripe I just throw them into the freezer (peeled) and use them for smoothies. I also love the image of someone trying to open a coconut with a cast iron skillet! Juicy, sweet pineapple helps to counter the bitter kale, while banana makes the smoothie nice and creamy (without any milk or yogurt). I find smoothies a wonderful way to start the mornings.