Is this congruent with the beliefs of the west at this time, or has a contravening force taken over? [6] Later traditions turned him into a Christian convert, but as Sabine Baring-Gould observed: "The name of Longinus was not known to the Greeks previous to the patriarch Germanus, in 715. Paraplethon: They are differing cultural descriptions of the same phenomena; physical worlds coming into being and the polarity to such. The relic, corpules of alleged blood taken from the Holy Lance, enjoyed a revived cult in late 13th century Bologna under the combined impetus of the Grail romances, the local tradition of eucharistic miracles, the chapel consecrated to Longinus, the Holy Blood in the Benedictine monastery church of Sant'Andrea,[citation needed] and the patronage of the Bonacolsi. 1. We could go into all kinds of discussions regarding parties , wings and all manner of political doctrine, and really I think most of them do at least have something positive to offer. If I read anything now it is scientifik/okkult. Just as soon as THEY let go, our stuff will be easier to get a hold of. Of course the terminology is different, but who cares for the terminology, it’s merely an attempt to describe the heart of the matter, there’s bound to be differing terminology as every ones experience os going to be unique to themselves. Shop for Vinyl, CDs and more from Via Dolorosa at the Discogs Marketplace. It seems in light of recent events, previously demonized political worldviews are gaining some ground in the mainstream, albeit in pieces separated from the whole, much as Christianity was absorbed. Theory/Analysis. 2. Once called Spear of Longinus, it was used to pierce Christ's side on the cross, now covered with blood, making it a holy relic; it was used by maidens of special pedigree in battle. When it is within ones ability to upgrade to a double sun, you will still know the answer to yesterday, though not today. 4. I think the standard answer is that what ever is most recently released, is the best, ja! And as for the recent US actions designed to stamp out any opposition to its aims as mentioned above, well Nelson Mandela makes it clear where he stands; “They think they’re the only power in the world. The most unfortunate thing is that humans do not understand the symbolism employed. [3] The lance is called in Christianity the "Holy Lance" (lancea) and the story is related in the Gospel of John during the Crucifixion. [8] Petrus Comestor was one of the first to add an eyesight problem to the legend and his text can be translated as "blind", "dim-sighted" or "weak-sighted". In fact there should be more work with the ‘left’ alltogether. Can you illuminate us on your much unknown history, events over the years and such? Spear of Longinus (religion, spiritualism, and occult) On March 12, 1938, Hitler annexed Austria, and upon his arrival in Vienna he made a stop at the Hofmuseum to take possession of an obscure artifact: an ancient spear. Also that’s why we need to utilise the layering of sounds with the words and such, to get as close as possible to the particular atomik rotational condensation as we can. As the "Lance of Longinus", the spear figures in the legends of the Holy Grail. It typically melds neo-Nazi ideology with ethnic European paganism and opposition to "foreign" religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism. The fascia, from which fascism derives its name, is a bundle of reeds with an axe head attached at their center; the symbolism is in theory that while sticks break individually, together they are strong. As dire as the current situation is, that we are here talking openly about their nefarious aims is proof enough we’re not yet living through our darkest hour, though it is very dim, very grim. Some of Jesus's blood fell upon his eyes and he was healed. Which is first applied on an intellectual level then passed on to the dan tien, then hopefully we can really do some work psychologikly. My answer to your question is , no. Nazism, Philosophy, Religion, Occultism, Esoteric, Extremism. Paraplethon: The very term ‘individual’ presupposes such. Humans are not perfect, we must perfect the humanoid psychologicly/spiritually, to reflect that in the social environment. Profile: Raw occult national socialist black metal band from Brisbane. Jarls Quest: Eternal November 2009 Neuer Artikel: Bård G. Eithun 6. share. Just what do the ‘end-times’ signify though, that’s the more interesting question. 3. 2. Holy Lance, also called Spear of Destiny or Spear of Longinus, a relic discovered in June 1098 during the First Crusade by Christian Crusaders at Antioch. November 2009 Neuer Artikel: Goi, Rode, Goi! Balance. Non-superstitious? Herr Nietzsche referred to Christianity as a great evil that, were it not to exist, would have to be invented. Spear of Longinus (« la lance de Longin », par référence à la Sainte Lance) est un groupe australien de black metal.Il s'agit de l'un des principaux représentants du National Socialist Black Metal en Australie. It is told that he who possesses the spear is granted immortality. Paraplethon: A portent? Of course all secret societys have their encrypted ‘codes’ too. If you knew, man, and told me, I couldn’t know. Continue with the process and you will get the result. This thing’s a ceremonial terminal, sort of. Which ancient societies do you respect most, and why? Tämä on aakkosellinen luettelo black metal-yhtyeistä.Ennen yhtyeen lisäämistä luetteloon, katso keskustelua luettelon käyttökelpoisuudesta ja merkittävyyskynnyksestä. "Great. That’s why letters have a kabbalistik corespondence, to get closer to what the real deal is. Camazotz: of course! Songs: New Dawn, Here He Is 2, Nuclear Vision, Vishnu on the Way Home, YHWH Penis Abominator, Weeping in the Sun.. Metal, generally, hardly ever has any one of such worthwhile traits, let alone all of them, so at most it’s vaguely interesting but rarely inspiring…. Why waste time with that other junk – “all we have to do is decide to do with the time given us”, what will you do? [4] This act is said to have created the last of the Five Holy Wounds of Christ. 1 - Duration: 2:34:26. Camazotz: everything springs from the same source. : Konflict (2019) Scars of the Offering : Sex Blasphemy (2012) Proclaimers of Terrorism and Damnationn : V/A (2018) Spear of Longinus is a name fairly well-known in the underground by now, yet many aware of the name have never heard the music, or know much about the band besides your from Australia. I need Molly in here with the right word at the right time. Though, probably more-so nowadays than in the past a person is wholly defined by their interaction with certain groups of people – socializing, and by their working/financial position, both of which, generally speaking, are accepted as going on to form the basis of a person’s ‘political persuasion’ – the ideas and concepts concerning the nature of society, the person and the environment they hold to be true, ‘the best’ and seemingly self-evident, there is more to it than base temporal factors. [11] The pre-1969 feast day in the Roman Rite is 15 March. Spear of Longinus is a black metal band. Fresco in Basilica of St Peter and St Paul in Vyšehrad (Prague). Occult Metal renegades from Down Under Spear of Longinus have announced that a live recording of their infamous 2017 Italian performance is due for release later this year. I’m sure people have asked this to death, but what do you think was achieved by the Al-Qaeda bombing in Bali in which 180 people, mostly Australians, were killed? The “self” is the purified/liberated “being” , free and purified of the gross material contamination. Oktober 2009 Neue Artikel: Jörg Deisinger – World Painted Blood 28. Desdemon666Sat, 02/05/2020 - 14:06. 71% Upvoted. Limited to 300 copies. 月別アーカイブ. Camazotz: encryption is a tool to be utilised like any other at the correct time and place. The goal of national socialism , the result that is intended to be achieved , is the superman. By that I mean whatever factions are still opposing these actions. "[5], The name is probably Latinized from the Greek lonche (λόγχη), the word used for the lance mentioned in John 19:34. Camazotz: we try not to stagnate. In those times the human was the teknology to be perfected, not , an outside material construct for humans to dump their shortcomings on to create even more limitations to the acheivement of human potentials. So in order to uncover the real, hidden essence that is our being, where the realm of UNDERSTANDING is to be found, rather than just “knowledge of this, that or the other”, the false impression of what we believe to be our identity must be sloughed off to allow our being to breathe. Cosmic Devestator (Watching the Watcher) 6. The ‘outer reflects the inner’, the ‘muse-ik’ being one of the records of who, what and where we are – nothing more, nothing less. “That’s all she wrote,” the Finn said. Guiding. Spear of Longinus- The Nomad Heretik. 2037/01 (1) 2020/08 (2) 2020/07 (2) 2020/05 (1) 2020/04 (9) 2020/03 (4) 2020/02 (1) They mix up the metaphysical internal with the terrene external. Ignorance can only breed ignorance, fear , restriction etc. In your personal lives, do you watch television, movies, play video games, or use any drugs? Gnosis, is probably the mediator needed here to make sense of these issues. Paraplethon: The ‘end-times’ aren’t peculiar to just christians, there’s quite alot that culminates in the period 1960-2040, or even prior if you want to count Crowley’s proclamation of the ‘Aeon of Horus’ in 1904 or whenever it was. Politiks and social environment are unavoidable, they are necessary for the revolution. Asuka Langley Soryu, anime girls, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Spear of Longinus, Rebuild of Evangelion | 1654x1240 Wallpaper The talk of fools. How did you come to the realization that this was the path for you? Modern proponents that have done this would be stuff like, Darkthrone, Burzum and earlier Emperor releases. I am that which knoweth not the word. お知らせ; Third World C.O.N.T.R.O.L. Custom Resolution. Spear of Longinus. When thrown at the Angel Arael (22… YHVH Penis Abominator A spear has appeared! This is the key. [2] His name first appeared in the apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus. Both sides recorded with the same 5 songs. Atomika/Egipto 02:46 (loading lyrics...) 2. The superman is the overman, the man that has overcome his limitations and regrown to a super (from our present involuted state) level of being. Simple observation and reflections will give you any informations that these types of pushers try to get thou addicted to. Perhaps it works only on the small scale in practice; medieval Iceland for example. The name of the soldier who pierced Christ's side with a lonchē is not given in the Gospel of John, but in the oldest known references to the legend, the apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus appended to late manuscripts of the 4th century Acts of Pilate, the soldier is identified as a centurion and called Longinus (making the spear's Latin name Lancea Longini). [citation needed], The relics are said to have been divided and then distributed to Prague and elsewhere, with the body taken to the Basilica of Sant'Agostino in Rome. Spear of Longinus is an Australian Black Metal/Thrash Metal band formed in 1993 from Brisbane in Queensland whose lyrical themes are based on National Socialism, religion, philosophy and hatred. TShirt or Longsleeve. If so, then what is the ‘origional’ chair, actually? This Spear has been called throughout history by many names including: The Holy Lance, Spear of Destiny, Lance of Longinus, Spear of Christ and Vienna Lance (Hofburg Spear) Version. SPEAR OF LONGINUS (Aus) – “Nothing is forever, and, forever is nothing” 12″ LP: $20.00. Recording information: Tracks 1 & 7 recorded 1995. 23,33 € Add to cart More. [citation needed], Longinus is venerated, generally as a martyr, in the Roman Catholic Church, the Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Armenian Apostolic Church. Do you see an evolution in the process of your works? This is touched upon briefly and enigmatikly in our track ” the lay of spartazen “, which will be included on the upcoming release “…And the swastikalotus”. Everywhere that the Spirit, regarded as the stronger power, was truly present, it never lacked for means – visible or otherwise – to enable all the opponent’s technical and material superiority to be resisted. They recorded one rehearsal demo before changing the name in 1993, and their first demo as Spear Of Longinus appeared in 1995. What do you expect when we live so far from galatik centre? Explore releases from Via Dolorosa at Discogs. They are therefore necessary tools to be utilised. Reading movie scripts is a great way to get started in screenwriting. However, the heart of the matter IS the same. Riders of a Cold and Violent Wind Which itself begins at the ritual level, then moves deeper. Nazi Occult Metal. Then we will also be featured on “top of the pops” wont that be grand ………. Paraplethon: Chomsky, Hakim Bey, Alexander Dugin, Qadhafi… David Icke appears to be more daring and goes a bit further than the others. Boutique propulsée par PrestaShop. Do you read any philosophers or social theorists and if so, what doctrines do you find relevant to the current time and its discontent? Longinus and his legend are the subject of the Moriones Festival held during Holy Week on the island of Marinduque, the Philippines. Of course you can take that to another level in that this world is illusion , so through using the tekniques of the esoterik warrior one would be working in this fashion , ja? They’re not and they’re following a dangerous policy. Forum Index » Music Talk » Metal Discussion. Shop items of product type shirt, flag, button, sticker, patch, hoodie at the KVLT webstore Camazotz: sorry this question was lost somehow. 8,00 € SUPERCHRIST"Headbanger" 12"LP. Only it will be pure and internally relevant to YOU and you’re peculiar frequency/orbit. At its core, Esoteric Christianity IS a method, a philosophy of overcoming, of overcoming oneself – sounds somewhat similar to Nietzsche doesn’t it? The Eastern Orthodox Church commemorates him on 16 October. Do you see the individual as existing outside of a political and social context, or necessarily as part of one, even when attempting to avoid the issue? Primal christianity eg. or thereabouts, whereafter the ‘Church of Rome'(and its offshoots…) were more or less just the outer husks/the misunderstood whispers, not much more than some meaningless moral code. Camazotz: the material realm is not always a faithful reflection of the superior. Fine, if you were to do so, you’d be taking the first tentative steps towards realizing that old maxim ‘Know Thyself’. Spear of Longinus- The Nomad Heretik. 100 - WAXEN "Blasphemer in Celestial Courts" CD - WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS "Summoned By Shadows + Bonus" CD - WIND OF THE BLACK MOUNTAINS "Sing Thou Unholy Servants” CD Re-issue - WIND OF … we must promote the invisible empire, to be within the ‘system’ but not of it. History is cyclik in both its ups and downs, every point is only a decimal on the way to another point . His feast day is kept on 16 October in the Roman Martyrology, which mentions him, without any indication of martyrdom, in the following terms: "At Jerusalem, commemoration of Saint Longinus, who is venerated as the soldier opening the side of the crucified Lord with a lance". Also certain magikle societys in all their illumination, don’t get it. They don’t seem like people willing to give up their power, or even share it around a little…. Jorge Gonzalez Recommended for you Paraplethon: Inseparable is the word. Saga 03:03 (loading lyrics...) 3. However, what we are witness to isn’t a particularly united/common front; there are those in varying amounts of agreement, from the rabidness of the US, Israel and Australia to the more wary French and Russians to those who remain definitely outside the fold; Iraq and Libya for instance. Occult Metal renegades from Down Under Spear of Longinus have announced that a live recording of their infamous 2017 Italian performance is due for release later this year. 9 comments. Ignorance doom flux. Orwells ‘1984’, Huxleys ‘Brave New World’ – that’s what a constriction on open dialogue and criticism is a portent of. Question about Spear of Longinus. The sleepwalker cannot even see the line , neveralone know which side to stand on. Black metal drew to its camp many who experimented in extreme metal and punk but found themselves alienated by the ideas of the mainstream. Cosmic Devastater (Watching the Watcher) When you write lyrics, which is more important: exact meaning or the sense and sound of language? Jul 12, 2019 - Explore wild.blessings's board "young lad", followed by 132 people on Pinterest. share. we got what NWO wanted. Utilise it, be the master. I'm making this thread because I was actually a 'secret' fan of BMSS and tbh still like their music, which sucks because I … In the Armenian Apostolic Church, his feast is commemorated on 22 October.[12]. An example of how much variance/difference there is in the christian experience is Origen of Alexandria, a church elder of the 2nd or 3rd cent., who at his death was officially deemed a saint. Released onto black vinyl by Klaxon Records.) Paraplethon: Firstly, ‘christianity’ is a VERY loaded word, so you would have to begin by narrowing your scope and define exactly what sort of christianity here is to be overcome. In your view, how do Buddhism and National Socialism spring from the same origin? This process, that we just as might call ‘individuation’, is however barred; the path is blocked by our accretion, whilst physically incarnate, of shallow, hollow, most ephemeral notions of our identity – such as was mentioned in the ‘socializing’ and ‘social strata’ circles – the region of the cult of the personality. All tracks mixed March 10th 1998 at Vibrafeel Studios, Australia. the untermensch ‘ego’ . Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives Message board FAQ Search Register Login anti national socialist metal bands. It seems you have attempted to blend the spiritual and the political into a single entity; to many of us, these seem inseparable in the first place. 71% Upvoted. The “self” in the purest occult definition is a separate atom, free from its contaminated restricted material existence. Tracks 2-6 recorded February 7th 1998. 3 comments. Side Breidablik VII has Rurik on vocals doubletracked with Camazotz, while Side Nastrond VI simply has Camazotz on vocals. Doesn’t mean shit, how deep you and the Flatline ride that Chinese virus, if this thing doesn’t hear the magic word.”, “I don’t know. Do you think these beliefs will synthesize with current “popular knowledge” or will a splinter society be created? Tags: Black Metal, death metal, Heavy Metal, nowadays, originality, some brief thoughts, spear of longinus, Speed Metal, thrash metal. I would recommend keeping records though, I don’t fancy getting lined up with a sheilagh that has had some kinda ape genetiks crossed so she can win a gold medal at gymnastiks or something. It is also said that the body of Longinus was found in Sardinia; Greek sources assert that he suffered martyrdom in Gabala, Cappadocia. I would at this point encourage humans to find a nice rock under a tree on a mountain by a stream amd meditate your brains out on these issues. then the prism of perspective can take us away to the light cone. It was introduced amongst the Westerns from the Apocryphal Gospel of Nicodemus. It’s the Kali-Yuga, revel in the dischord and strife…. For example Tibetan vocals, Indian sitar etc.The different ‘tribal’ styles that we still have which are in fact relics of occult teknikues/principles put into practice. Aside from the allegory and symbols of regular occultism/ alchemy etc I’ve not really looked at encryption etc. So what aspect of christianity is to be overcome? The phrase “Spear of Longinus” is in reference to the spear that pierced Jesus Christ’s side as he was on the cross. In a time when it is popular to be ultra-black-metal in the modern sense, your music seems to have older inspirations. Ed. The everlasting qualities of Varna and family traditions of those who destroy their family are ruined by the sinful act of illegitimacy. Best not to convert images into PNG yet as transparency isn't supported all across the board. Fascism does this. Physically, the Spear of Longinus resembles a long, red bident on an Evangelion scale. Son style de musique a évolué au fil du temps, passant d'un pur black metal à un style ajoutant des influences punk, hardcore, speed metal et grunge [1], [2 The individual or ‘self’ not to be confused with the human organism, should be somewhat “above” the mechanical systems, overseeing, if you will. 10. Let’s go out on a limb and say perhaps all myth, legend, tradition(‘superstition’) is but a system existant to give us the means to negotiate our multi-dimensional reality at our will. Originally known only as a "spear" (槍, yari), it possesses a double-helical shaft and a defined spearhead implanted with a green gem and it is first seen at the lunar Tabgha Base in a shroud. It typically melds neo-Nazi ideology with ethnic European paganism and opposition to "foreign" religions such as Christianity, Islam and Judaism. Or religious cryptograms? Angel or Archangel, if you’d like to use these terms. In previous eras it was possible to speak of the sacred character of the principle of sovereignty and power, namely of the State. A good analogy would be the olympik games, and the drug testing/bans etc. What to us is ‘real’? For instance, the ancient Roman notion of imperium essentially belonged to the domain of the sacred. Paraplethon: Not particularly… it sounds more like something out of ‘the successful propagandists handbook’ or something. The terminology may differ between Buddhism and NS, or between NS and any other traditional philosophy, though ‘terminology’ is just that – an outer husk whose only use is an attempt to describe, or in some instances plainly label, the ‘inner guts’ – the unseen thing within that is the whole value and point to the philosophy. Копьё Лонгина. In the first place, a land that is conquered on the material level also experiences, in the long run, influences of a higher kind corresponding to the cultural type of its conqueror. Encyclopaedia Metallum - Hammergoat タグ: Hammergoat Brazil Evil Ravendark's_Monarchal_Canticle Sarcófago 2006-2010 Black / tb: 0 / cm: 0 / top Stone,timber etc these natural materials are infinately more powerful to work with and beneficial as they are still the living energy of the elements/elementals which reside therein. At least here in Texas, it seems to be hard to come by Spear of Longinus merchandise or recordings. Someone else has to learn it and bring it here, just when you and the Flatline punch through that ice and scramble the cores.”, “Sure. The LP will be released by Darker Than Black Records, the CD by Totenkopf Propaganda Production, and the Cassette by Final Agony Records. Superstition; tradition, myth, legend, perhaps a ‘cultural base’. This material world is the ‘result’ of other ‘events’, the point being to get back to the ‘real’. Atomika/Egipto A bhudda, or, bohdisatva depending on the level achieved. Also available on gold vinyl, limited to 400 copies. Prior to S.O.L. It is rather commonplace among certain circles to engage in lamentations over the current state of Metal and a perceived disconnect between the classic glory days of high adventure with contemporary mediocrity. There is no reliable authority for the Acts and martyrdom of this saint. Longinus did not start out as a saint. The West must then have been the culture in which a crisis that was already universal assumed its acutest form. The intellect rarely serves its master satisfactorally. On the basis that music is pure Will, this article focuses on contrasting a split by Der Sturmer, Malsaint and Blutkult with Spear of Longinus on the grounds of understanding and conviction to their ideas, or, to be less dramatic, on how the need to express grander statements creates grander music. most systems have something to offer , at least in theory. Camazotz: ahhhhhh now that’s a profound question comerade, quite bluntly this stuff is a direct result of the dualastik clash between maya/atman, matter/antimatter. Just what constitutes hate speech etc? by Staff on July 21, 2019. Those who want to be separate should be separate, those who want to mix should mix. It’s hardwired in. A roving ANUS.COM representative in Australia was able to catch up with these gents and exchange a few words. However, official guides of the Basilica do not mention the presence of any tomb associated with Saint Longinus. You see energy is matter and matter is spirit. But they fail because of the human element. we have had some interest from a bike club due to us using “their” image. Camazotz: I rarely read at all these days. It often is the most powerful spear in the games. Nada Brahma / Nazi Occult Metal, Album by Spear Of Longinus out on Deathrune Records in 2016. The outer, exoteric branch everyone is familiar with? We have trouble with %98 of the musik community finding it next to impossible to get gigs, advertising, label interest etc. This thread is archived. share. That view seems very superficial, for two reasons. save hide report. Though what is ‘superstition’, being that most people have some sort of preconception. Jorge Gonzalez Recommended for you Longinus depicted in the Nea Moni Church, Chios, Greece, Christ on the Cross, the three Marys, John the Evangelist, and Saint Longinus. At one end, the two strands unwind and form two massive tines. Genres: Black Metal, Thrash Metal. Better of Dead This looks as if an antithesis has been achieved, a leap made; in reality, the schooling through moral hyperbole prepared the way step by step for that milder of pathos that became incarnate in the scientific character —, The conscientiousness in small things, the self-control of the religious man were a preparatory school for the scientific character: above all, the disposition that takes problems seriously, regardless of the personal consequences —. Absurd / Pantheon - Wolfskrieger / Galdur... Ltd. 333 copies - heavy vinyl. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Be a practical particle, be sincere, and HE will come.666. Break down ALL barriers, in fact, to die is best! To answer your question though, on the face of it, it would appear to be somewhat of a self-fulfilling prophecy, with the various other evidence pointing towards an ‘end-times’ however, it is safe to say there is something in the air. Not for sale or trade. All good and evil, is in fact, evil and good. Naturally fascism recognises the way populations behave, I think everyone would know this wouldn’t you? Etc so in light of that , musik in this stlye must be alive with energy to get my enthusiasm. Forum Index » Music Talk » Metal Discussion. As for ‘avoiding the issue’, the making of petty excuses or whatever to not deal with the situation as it stands; ‘because’ has fallen; “now is the time of the Fall of Because.”. Paraplethon: Inspiring music would be that with a passion, a driving urge… honesty and integrity, that has something to say – either of a temporal or numinous nature, and has the ability to… affect and effect. [5] Longinus' legend grew over the years to the point that he was said to have converted to Christianity after the Crucifixion, and he is traditionally venerated as a saint in the Roman Catholic Church, Eastern Orthodox Church, and several other Christian communions. Spear Of Longinus. Do you see this as being a sentiment of the original “fascist” ethos? These are the ones which I have the most vivid recollections of. At bottom, it has been an aesthetic taste that has hindered mankind most: it believed in the picturesque effect of truth, it demanded of the man of knowledge that he should produce a powerful effect on the imagination. Has metal grown from the black metal experience, or are we in a lull between developments of metal and thus bands are turning to traditional, proven formulas for aesthetics? THAT seems quite rational…, To attempt an interpretation of ‘superstition/myth’ purely from the physical/temporal point of view is quite ‘irrational’, though to do so would result in the conclusion that ‘superstition/myth’ IS itself quite ‘irrational’… whatever…. A spearpoint fragment said to be from the Holy Lance is also conserved in the Basilica. Camazotz: the path told us so… obviously! Vague allusions to begin with, experiencing it first-hand is… makes it so much more of a certainty… a most profound experience. (again &again&again.). Europe is about to outlaw “hate speech” online through a program named Princip, after the assassin who started World War I. 12. Camazotz: thanx for the time and space mate. Ratio. Upon this miracle Longinus believed in Jesus. [10], The body of Longinus is said to have been lost twice, and that its second recovery was at Mantua in 1304, together with the Holy Sponge stained with Christ's blood, wherewith it was told—extending Longinus' role—that Longinus had assisted in cleansing Christ's body when it was taken down from the cross. I.A.O. Please insert anything here i’ve missed or which has been only covered obliquely. Might be a really dumb question. : Konflict (2019) Scars of the Offering : Sex Blasphemy (2012) Proclaimers of Terrorism and Damnationn : V/A (2018) The Spear of Cassius. As you will find that the ‘vibe’ or sense and sound as you put it. Not for some time I’m afraid ( not in a positive way anyhow ), unless you want to count people such as Islam, Iraq and North Korea etc. Sort by. New comments cannot … Original version is on pro printed paper cover with pro labelled tape. But this has not happened. Quick view. Of what do you believe this is a portent, and how do you think it will be circumnavigation?