Free example essay on Typhoon in the Philippines topics and ideas. In fact, she shared that their profits were not greatly affected when Metro Manila was hit by typhoon Ondoy because they were able to work on with operations management. September 25, 2009 -- A Friday night. Last November 8, thousands of lives were shaken and even lost when the Typhoon Haiyan (aka Typhoon Yolanda) hit the Philippines. It started around 7pm. So that’s why I felt that this collection of essays edited by Elbert Or, After the Storm , is pretty much a required reading for me. In 2013, Typhoon Yolanda (also know as Typhoon Haiyan) struck the Philippines and was the deadliest typhoon in the country’s history. No stranger to storms, and yet none the wiser for it, the NDCC estimates that P10.45 billion in damage was caused by Ondoy-related floods. Over the weekend, the Philippines was flooded as typhoon Ondoy (a.k.a. Tropical Storm "Ketsana," locally known as "Ondoy," swept across metro Manila and parts of Central Luzon on Saturday, September 26, 2009, and brought a month's worth of rain in just 12 hours. Typhoon Ketsana/Ondoy changed my life, and while I think I have pretty much moved on from this flood, it’s still one of the things that I will never be able to forget. The worst hit provinces were Letter and Eastern Samara, with a combined population of 2. Read Time: 4 minutes A Marikeña recounts memories from Typhoon Ondoy’s onslaught in 2009 . Ondoy) - Metro Manila, Philippines. Words: 1032, Paragraphs: 9, Pages: 4 . Ketsana--you can find a list of local names for typhoons here), exactly three years after typhoon Milenyo (Xangsane) ravaged Metro Manila.No one was really prepared for it and here are some of the reasons why: Wednesday, October 07, 2009 metro manila, philippines, typhoon ketsana, Typhoon ondoy 2 comments. Although efforts for flood mitigation have been on-going and numerous flood mitigation measures are being constructed in Metro Manila since 1970’s, typhoon Ondoy proves that our infrastructures is still not ready and adequate to manage the effects of extreme flood events. Felix Ramento, USA: The exceptional amount of rain that typhoon Ondoy brought in so short a time inundated wide swaths along natural paths of … Reaction Paper About Typhoon Essay. I remember it clearly. I was also moved when she started sharing her insights of being an operations manager. The PAGES does not have a us per typhoon classification so it is indeed the strongest typhoon ever struck Philippines. Over six thousand people lost their lives and over 1 million people’s homes were damaged, displacing over 600,000 people. 15 49.0138 8.38624 1 0 4000 1 300 0 But this may be grossly underestimated, according to a ground-breaking rapid assessment of the economic losses from the disaster. Economist Assad Baunto and GMANews.TV managing editor Yasmin Arquiza collaborated on this report. It started raining hard around 11pm. This was said to be one of the world’s most powerful typhoons that ever struck the world. There are some essay writing tips. Every Wednesday, I have an essay or feature article on any topic that catches my fancy! Photo Essay on Typhoon Ketsana (a.k.a. Paper type: Essay .