When it comes to relationships or workplace settings, conflict is something that cannot be avoided. It's worth the effort. of . Here are 6 possible reasons. By Brian Germain . House Overwhelmingly Passes Defense Bill With Leave Benefits, Setting Up Confrontation with Trump ... of the armed services and expands civilian federal employees’ access to paid leave benefits. Conflict occurs when two or more parties disagree with a principle or thought process, and resolution is needed before moving on. * You are honest. Despite the benefits and necessity of confrontation, the term can invoke negative emotions for many people, especially counseling students in training. You are no pushover. However, confrontation as a counselling skill is an attempt by the counsellor to gently bring about awareness in the client of something that they may have overlooked or … Dealing with the Confrontation The initial interaction between the employer and the employee in a confrontational situation is key. To do it well, we must first learn and practice the art of caring confrontation. The term 'confrontation' often gets a bad wrap. Read on to learn what therapeutic confrontation is, and how it can be an effective strategy in a counseling session. * You wouldn’t get taken advantage of. The Benefits . As a result, much of the literature has begun to refer to the skill of confronting as challenging or even caring confrontation (Lankford, Generally speaking the term confrontation means challenging another person over a discrepancy or disagreement. So, we tend to treat confrontation as something that should be avoided. Confrontation . There are two definitions of “confront” in the dictionary : 1 – To face especially in challenge. References. Students who learn this art and take responsibility for bringing out the best in others will reap great benefits, not only in school but also throughout their lives. But, if done right and with the right intentions, a confrontation is really an act of respect. Augsberger, D. (2009). Some people have a fear of snakes, spiders, butterflies, height, fires, and some people have a fear of confrontation. It is simply a matter of happiness. We can, … When something is holding us back from feeling good, we cannot explore and profit from all of the joy that life has to offer. There is simply no point in establishing an adversarial relationship as the situation is probably already uncomfortable. 2- to cause to meet: bring face-to-face. a) Direct communication is improved b) Morale of employees increased. Pros * You find it easy to stand up for yourself. Benefits of confrontation meeting. As the manager, invite the employee to sit down with full access to the exit door. Caring enough to confront. * You are more likely to be a go-getter. c) Better work culture. The Benefits of a Good Confrontation - Answering the Difficult Questions This’ll fly in the face of what you may think – a good confrontation, which is a conversation where you are able to challenge someone regarding a boundary they’re intruding upon, is actually very beneficial. Disliking confrontation is incredibly common, but it’s still important to know the reason behind it. d) Improve inter department human relationship e) Get solutions on day-to-day problems. Why must we take all of our fears head on?

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