Dancing can be an excellent aerobic activity, as well as a lot of fun. Aerobic exercise is the best choice for weight loss, as it is efficient for burning fat. The professionals at the IADMS emphasize that dancers need specific fitness training to bridge the discrepancies in intensity between training, rehearsal and performance. Although the coordination exercises might seem difficult, they can easily be grasped by looking at the instructor in the class. Zumba Fitness has quickly become one of the most popular dance aerobics programs. You'll get more out of this fun, music and movement workout if you know how to move your feet. Aerobics traces its origin to the 1968 book Aerobics by Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper, which inspired Jacki Sorensen to start her Aerobic Dancing program, combining music and dance routines to create an aerobic exercise pattern. Aerobic dance classes are a great way to keep in shape. Zumba. It gets your heart pumping, causes you to break a sweat and allows you to burn many calories within a short time period. Typically, a dance aerobic exercise is performed for about 20-30 minutes. Aerobics is another word for cardio. While most aerobic activity fits in the low- to moderate-intensity category, there are different levels. Aerobic exercise is essential for achieving or maintaining cardiovascular fitness. As many of my Zumba colleagues pointed out here are many technical differences between Zumba and regular aerobics classes. Here are 14 exercises that are actually aerobics. Dance aerobics is a type of fitness program where one dances for the purpose of increasing physical fitness.To get aerobic benefits from any workout, it is necessary to increase the heart rate for a sustained period of time; this improves cardiovascular health by increasing the endurance of the heart and lungs. Created in Colombia in the 1990s, this style of dance aerobics incorporates Latin moves with a global soundtrack including beats from around the world. Dance is categorized as intermittent high-intensity exercise, meaning it's a combination of bouts of low-, moderate- and high-intensity activity. Also in 1969, Judi Missett developed Jazzercise, combining jazz dance with fun exercise in much the same way. As you age, your muscles begin to deteriorate -- aerobic exercise, including some dance steps, can help slow that process. Aerobic definition is - living, active, or occurring only in the presence of oxygen. Know the lingo before you head to aerobics dance class. Anaerobic exercise from dance, however, builds muscle mass, which pound-for-pound burns more calories at rest than fat. So take a few (dance) steps outside the box, and breathe some new life into the same old, same old. Fitness Fusion. Aerobic exercises usually involve your whole body — and they get your heart pumping and keep it that way. By definition, aerobic exercise means “with oxygen.” Your breathing and heart rate will increase during aerobic activities. How to use aerobic in a sentence. The Meaning & Importance of Aerobics. The steps are performed in a rhythmic way, with 4 or 8 counts. Did You Know? Step aerobics is performed in a raised platform, while water aerobics is done in waist-deep water. Just wear some track pants, a t-shirt, good sport shoes, and be ready for the aerobics class.

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