If not, it's closed. When you start up a fire in a wood-burning fireplace, you open up the damper--that's the small door that opens and closes the chimney flue. 1 decade ago. This duct within your chimney includes a damper that can be opened or closed by a lever or pull chains, in most instances. Now if you have a warm/hot fireplace the number up the flue is higher by a factor of 3. the smoke when placed very close to the fireplace opening should rize up the flue. A traditional open fire converts around 20% of its fuel into usable heat. if vertical flue is open. It also prevents heat from escaping up the chimney when the fireplace is not in use. Adjusting the damper allows you to burn a fire efficiently and safely. Also, you can hold a lit match high up the shaft. Want to upgrade your fireplace? Until this is fixed every fireplace insert you try will spill combustion material into the room. If your damper is closed while the fire is burning, then you could run into some serious trouble. You can find your fireplace damper at the base of the chimney. Can You Install a Wood Burning Stove If You Don't Have a Chimney? Either seal up the fireplace and never use it (they have magnetic covers which will work nicely) OR climb in there (clean out fireplace first, but it will still be quite sooty) and figure out how to open/close the flue yourself. If you have a damper located at the top of your chimney, known as a top-mounted damper, you should have a chain on the inside side of your fireplace. According to eHow, there are a few simple tests to try to see if your damper is opening as it should: Perform a visual check. If you’re familiar with your fireplace damper controls, this is a great way to quickly see the position of the damper without having to poke your head up through the chimney. Fireplace Flue Open or Closed Left or Right – Pleasant Hearth at 1000 ascot Fireplace Glass Door Black Small. If it’s hooked to the side of the fireplace wall, then this probably means that the damper is closed. Closed-combustion fireplaces are extremely efficient. Never start a fire before checking to see if the damper is open or closed. You’ve come to the right place. You’ve got to make sure that vents (ph) up the house; it’s not slightly open, it’s all the way open. It’s reachable, but hidden, so the damper is easily accessible yet tucked out of sight for aesthetic purposes. (See a diagram of the parts of a chimney here.)) Start a small but smoky fire in your fireplace, say using papers or tinder alone. When the damper is closed, it slows the loss of heat that would otherwise go up the chimney. The damper is a piece of metal that can be angled by using the knob or chain used to control it to the open or closed position. Typically made from cast iron or other heat-resistant metal (sometimes ceramic), the damper essentially opens and closes the chimney. Usually to the right to close it. The chain can be found on the inside of your fireplace. What you are trying to do is to heat the upper part of the fireplace. There are many ways to check to see if the damper is open or closed and after getting into the habit, it should become quite obvious. Even when a fireplace damper is closed, the sealing is often not very effective. It also allows fresh air to come in to feed the fire. If the damper is closed, then the smoke will come out of the chimney and fill out the room. The top slider is probably the flue. The damper should always be fully open before lighting a fire and when the fireplace is in use. Either vented or non vetoed gas longs. Some folks have commented about how the room with the fireplace as always cold or had cold drafts and sure enough they had not checked the damper and it was open. From evaluating chimney flue liners to inspecting hidden areas, your chimney will be properly inspected so you won’t miss any maintenance requirements. If you're not sure which position is the open or shut, repeat Step 2 to determine the position of the damper.

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