By now, it's clear that Gateron switches are rock solid Cherry clones. - Il feedback tattile dei Gateron è posizionato più in alto rispetto ai Cherry MX Brown, ed è più pronunciato. Gateron Optical Switches SWITCH COLORS Gateron Optical Blue Gateron blue switches have a tactile and auditory click when you press them. Cherry has Red and Black switches which serve the same purpose. All the Gateron switches are of a high quality, rivalling, and arguably even surpassing that of Cherry MX switches. Customer Reviews. Gateron has dozens of switches available in its lineup including the standard Red, Blue, Brown, Green, Black, Yellow switches and their own unique Gateron Milk, Ink, Low-Profile, and Silent switch designs. The switches are also a good variety of color options such as red, brown, black, white, and other colors that has a different facility. Switch options: Gateron Brown, Blue, or Red. I'm a fairly low level mech addict, but I've already been through Cherry blues, reds (occasionally) and browns. Gateron Red vs Cherry MX Red. Pembayaran mudah, pengiriman cepat & bisa cicil 0%. They are extremely smooth, lighter than Browns and sound is quite different too. Thanks to Kaihua Electronics, a high-tech enterprise that has been successfully building up its reputation since 1990, we now have another serious contender for the Cherry clone throne (as well as the definite winner of the 2018 rhyme wars). Since its establishment in Huizhou, Guangdong, China in 2000, it has grown into a factory with more than 500 employees and more than 10,000 square metres. That means they don't have a tactile bump or definitive click. Looking forward to getting an Anne Pro 2 and I have to choose between a gateron brown or kailh box brown. They are compatible with anything made for Cherry MX switches. Only 20 left in stock - order soon. System: Windows/Android/Mac/iOS; Battery: 4000mAh Rechargeable li-polymer battery If they don’t like the linear red switches, browns offer a nice in-between key switch that offers a bump feeling upon actuation but without the loud clicky sound of blues. - Gateron Yellow : Thiết kế dạng Liner, là 1 trong số dòng Liner cho cảm giác gõ tốt nhất của Gateron. Have experience using Gateron Red switches? To experience a different tactile feel, Gateron switches are available in blue, brown, red and yellow. In the case of Gateron Brown switches, the feel is softer and lighter, and actuation is less noticeable. On the fence about this gateron optical switch red black brown blue custom mechanical keyboard sk64 sk61 sk68 sk84? Universal. Gateron Ink V2 switches(10pcs) Regular price $7.50 IMPORTANT:Please check your address carefully to make sure it is correct! Fully compatible with our Keychron K1 Wireless Keyboard and other mechanical keyboards use the same switch. Gateron Red Keyswitch - Plate Mount - Linear - 10 Pack (Gateron) $8.50. Gaming. For Cherry, there’s a small but deep click over the downstroke. To determine the better brand of the two, certain features and specifications like durability and activation force are important. 87% (59) 10% (7) 1% (1) 1% (1) 0% (0) F . If you like a bit of feedback on your keypress when gaming, then I would go with the Brown Gateron switch which is tactile (has a bump on the switch) but still fairly smooth and responsive. If you’re looking for a basic switch such as a Red, Brown, or Blue, I would recommend staying away from Kailh switches and going for a Gateron or Outemu switch instead. 99. This makes it more clear and precise to understand when you have actuated. Red – Linear – 45g. Unlike most copies many will argue that Gateron switches are better than the originals. More Info NEW. Qty:-+ Add To Cart. ... Also keep in mind that the "Dirty Red" effect of Cherry Browns doesn't apply to all samples. Gateron switches are a clone of the original Cherry MX mechanical keyboard switches. I'll go for reds, the tactility does absolutely nothing for me (again, tried both MX Browns and I'm currently using Romer G - not a huge fan), and PROBABLY Gateron, but I'll still have to think about it. Brown – Tactile – 45g As someone who switched from Cherry reds to Gateron clears—the difference in smoothness is very real. What are the differences in feeling and … Switches Stocked: Blue – Clicky – 55g. 50 Pack Plate - $31.9. The combination of their lower price yet equally high quality makes the Gateron switches perfect for your custom mechanical keyboard builds. Cherry MX Brown switches come with more noticeable actuation. Add a review to share your knowledge with the keyboard community. Hey there people. (From what I've researched:) Gateron Clear Actuation Force = 30g. Optical switches don’t use physical attachments for key strikes. Gateron box reds and gateron reds are much better than cherry switches imo, cherry reds are super scratchy compared to gaterons and box reds, also I wouldn't consider box reds as cherry clones, as kailh's box platform is quite different from cherry mx, only thing the 2 share are the pin arrangements and mount. CONTRO - Molla più leggera rispetto ai Cherry: gran parte della resistenza viene generata dal feedback tattile, perciò sui Gateron non c'è modo di evitare che il tasto arrivi a fine corsa. Let’s take a look at them. Durability. Gateron Reds Actuation Force = 45g. Gateron Blue switches have a 55 gf actuation force. Gateron's trademark is a smooth keystroke, so we recommend trying out one of the linear Gateron switches (no bump) such as a Red, Yellow, or Black switch. Gateron Optical Brown Gateron Brown … Don't be. Regardless of the type of Gateron switch, you can rest assured that you will get a 50 million keystroke lifespan for each switch. Outemu Reds Actuation Force = 50g They are fast, sensitive with minimal resistance and give a classic feel and don’t give feedback when pressing. Both Gateron and Cherry have a ton of different switch options available. Thanks! Based on 68 reviews. Gateron while seemingly "cheaper" feeling (apparently they do wobble quite a bit) are smoother when typing, quite possibly the smoothest out of the 3 popular options (Cherry, Gateron, Kailh). Those of you who want a LED light options, varieties, and lineups to type well, then the Gateron KS-9 RGB Mechanical MX Blue Switch is a huge deal. I found gateron red switches MUCH more lighter then Cherry black although the difference in numbers is not so significant (65+-20g vs … Color: Black, White. Additionally, I'm also thinking of getting Gateron Clears but I'm afraid that it'll be too light for my taste. Mizar MZ60 Luna Hot Swappable Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - 61 Keys Multi Color RGB LED Backlit for PC/Mac Gamer (White, Gateron Optical Silver) $8.50 + Free Shipping* Quantity: 1+ 2+ 5+ 7+ 10+ Price: $8.50: $7.65: $6.38: $5.53: $4.25: SKU: KS-3H10B045NW-X1. 20 Pack Plate - $15.3. Write a review. As a matter of fact, Gateron switches are available in a whole variety; there are a total of six colors available and each switch has its own purpose. Another thing to consider is that Gateron has a sharper and louder click. It has twice the durability than competing switches and has a lifespan of up to 100 million keystrokes. [review/rant] My thoughts on Gateron Brown. Winner: Gateron; While both switches are suitable for multiple uses, the Gateron switch is much more durable. Bulk Buy Pricing. Cherry Brown vs Gateron Brown Brown switches are the other most common switch type used by gamers. For instance, Gateron has this option in its Red, Black, and Brown switches. Outemu vs. Gateron Switches: Comparing the Features. They tend to feel scratchy and are inferior to both Gateron and Cherry MX. Red switches are also recognized as the best choice for beginners when it comes to mechanical keyboards. Gateron Brown Keyswitch - Plate Mount - Tactile - 10 Pack (Gateron) $8.50. Gateron and Cherry MX Red are both linear switches. More Info NEW. Gateron Red Keyswitch - PCB Mount - Linear - 10 Pack (Gateron) (5.0 on 1) Availability: In Stock. Gateron has options for Red, Black, and Brown switches while Cherry MX has options just for Red and Black. Buy Gateron Red Switches. But the same can be said for the Kailh switches, too. Please advise! The Gateron Low Profile Mechanical switches are one of the best mechanical switches renowned with its smooth and tactile typing experience. During COVID-19, If you do not receive the goods after 90 days, please contact us in time. Beli Gateron Switch Online berkualitas dengan harga murah terbaru 2020 di Tokopedia! FREE Shipping. $6.99 $ 6. Two week ago I bought mini-keyboard with Gateron red switches because my fingers were always tired-as-fuck after playing on black switches (especially long or/and fast maps). Really good in gaming scenarios and typing is quite nice as well. Generally, the Black and Red ones are used for gaming, Green, and Blue for typing and if you are someone who does both typing and gaming then the Brown ones are the ones you must be looking out for. 10 Pack Plate - $8.5. Comments (optional / 500 char max) submit. You have to weigh your options and make some considerations before making your final decision Anne Pro 2 | 60% Mechanical Keyboard | Gateron Switch quantity ... Blue Switch, Brown Switch, Red Switch. Switched from a tactile switch (Outemu Brown) and after a small period of adjustment, I'm loving Gateron Reds. Switch Set … More Info NEW. Along with their faster actuation due to lower actuation distance means they're geared towards gaming. Let our satisfaction guarantee address your concerns. Returns Policy. 4038 in stock Cause apparently Gateron Reds are 5g's lighter than Outemu Reds. Gateron Optical Red Switch DIY Replaceable Switches for Mechanical Gaming Keyboard (10 PCS) (Red) 4.5 out of 5 stars 26. I couldn't really tell much of a difference to be honest. Inventory Last Updated: Dec 24, 2020. Features. Both manufacturers offer the normal lineup, silent switches, low-profile, and more. Add To Wishlist Add To Registry. Usually, the next step after finalizing your choice of a mechanical keyboard is comparing Gateron vs. Kailh switches.. Making the right choice will give you the edge to fully enjoy the ultimate pleasure of typing and gaming on your PC. 4 years ago. Variety: Winner = Gateron. Gateron Brown: PRO - Corsa fluida. Typing. - Gateron Brown : Thiết kế tương tự Cherry Brown switch, dòng Tacticle vs non Clicky. These are the loudest switches that we have available. Gateron Red vs Cherry Red; Linear red switches are undoubtedly the most sought-after keyboard switches across the world. Gateron might bit ever so slightly smoother. Gateron switches are quite popular amongst keyboard enthusiasts. Gateron Blue Keyswitch - Plate Mount - Clicky - 10 Pack (Gateron) $8.50. - Gateron Red : Thiết kế tương tự Cherry Red switch, dòng Liner switch. Table of facts Stem Actuation force Feel Black 60 cN Linear Red 45 cN Linear Brown 55 cN Tactile GATERON is located in Zhongkai High-tech Zone.

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