On to another. If it were possible to copy/paste your first and third paragraph to be my stance on our food, I would! I appreciate all the effort, research and that went into these comments, and will continue to follow. Yes, I know what they said about the refrigerator test. Many thanx. This shopping feature will continue to load items when the Enter key is pressed. Thank you Jolene! Even with machine picking, the trees still have to be netted. 14.00g. The Olive Oil Industry Is Corrupt as Hell. My apologies grillers. The only way to be sure if you have real 100% EVOO oil is to go pick the olives yourself and bring them home and press them. User account menu • Cookie Dawg Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dropper - For Discrete Doses Back With The Parents This Christmas. This is usually located above the top shelf with the temperature control dial or knob. Ingredients. The flavor is balanced by a mild bitterness with just a touch of … The article made me wonder… what if the olive oil we buy is really only 15% olive oil? And they do. California Olive Ranch and Jovial Foods are also good ones. Artificial sweeteners in our milk… I know it. The smoke point is when the oil can become damaged and create free radicals, toxins for your body. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. How much range is there in the time requirement? The fridge test has been debunked by UC Davis Olive center. Juice? Sodium. I am grossly allergic to soy. 10 better options. Trader Joe’s carries a few different varieties of olive oil. Problem is, few lists help the shopper with plain olive oil—not EV or V—which I want to buy for soap making. Thank you so much for shedding light to the topic. The last time I checked a month ago, about 1/3 of the oil in the bottle solidified and the remaining oil stayed in a liquid state. Customers also shopped for. Now same looking bottle and size and bout the same cost has a lot of additives of other oils and flavorings. Refrigerating olive oil in almost freezing temperature is not a reliable way to grade the purity of the oil. Add to cart. Sicilian Selezion. Have fun…, There is no proven benefit of using either olive oil or lemon juice…Much more benefit from getting the majority of your calories from whole plant-based foods. Hey there Richard – you might not have seen this, but this article was originally shared in April of 2013… so if your “recent study” truly is recent, it would not have been available at the time of publishing. I just found a list this week with “impure” honey… If you wish that your prior post be removed, submit a notarized letter. China and Hong Kong and other places can easily crank out fake labels by the billions. Open the bottle, close your eyes, and smell. Calories. I decided to do the refer test and low and behold, After 12 hrs., after 18 hrs. Even if they don’t reply, at least you’ve got one oil you know to avoid! I don’t have to test mine because you already tested it for me! Opens image gallery. I bought some for about a year but then the pick up and drop offs were becoming too much when the truck was late or broken down and I was tied up so I quit. I have even used a local olive oil company in California called STAR. Remember that the olive is green in colour, therefore a first pressing should reveal that colour, and its taste should lead you..and unless you see the olive pressed in front of your eyes, and for the little prices we pay for the (extra virgin olive oil in the US) it is guaranteed the oil is not all olive oil. On the other side, front-face fluorescence spectra are much less affected by self-absorption. The Pompeian is the only one that showed some solidification after I retested it (about 1/3 solidification). When I first started buying it, I would place it in the fridge to keep it fresh and it would completely solidify within 24 hours. While you have a mass crowd of people rushing to their pantries and kitchen laboratories sticking olive oil in the fridge, no one here has mentioned anything about actually trying that test on any other oils. Back it goes. Member's Mark Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. My husband ha read that Tunisian olive oils were safe and this is Tunisian. I’ve got both the Costco Organic (not yet opened) and regular Olive oils (about half gone) and I’m glad to test and get back to you with my results for the organic once I open it. Learn the good & bad for 250,000+ products. Oil from different regions has it’s own characteristics. Required fields are marked *. It also shouldn’t be a neutral tasting oil. But it was very tasty. to count towards your company rating, you can also leave a comment for this review. How interesting that your grandparents made their own. Personalized … Amazon is a little riskier unless you are sure to research the brand you buy. Supposedly,,(“100% California Grown Natural Unrefined Extra Virgin Olive oil”)I was suspicious that this olive oil taste was somewhat askew. YIKES! The one I have is their organic olive oil, I will have to perform the test and let you know how it goes :)! Wow! That means the solid in your refrigerator could be peanut, coconut or many other oils and not what you paid for. Why is that? Uses for Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cholesterol. You should be able to taste the olives, there might be some bitterness or pepperiness at the back of your throat. One thing I do want to throw out there is baking with a stone. ~Tiffany. I encourage you to click it and continue reading. ~Tiffany. All countries where fake olive oil exports are rife. I don’t know what the regulations are on food labeling and allergens, but you do raise a very important issue for those who must be cautious to cross-contamination. This olive oil, a crushed garlic clove in it, a sprinkling of salt, and the flavor will take you to Italy. Know others found this t/b negative want to experience and fume myself. Also, it was much more oiler and more flavorful than we see in the stores. Your hands will feel so greasy that you want to wash them. Wow Sandy, I’m so sorry to hear about your daughter’s reaction to the oil! Use your price book to compare prices at your local stores. It is important to know that you are getting what you pay for. Hemp Seed oil far superior to olive oil for making mayonaise etc. Great Comment! The Costco Tuscano and the three I have tried so far from Trader Joe’s all have this bitter taste. Good to see you in my neck of the woods! That is a misinterpretation of the law. This was very informative; however, I would like to know why you are no longer cooking with olive oil? I cannot believe the flavor difference. If the oil solidifies, it’s mostly mono-. Iron Supplements Review. We just found your discussion and bought the California Olive Ranch Destination Series EVOO “chef size” from Walmart in the dark green, plastic bottle. I thought that one came recommended too. I’m going to look into the research she’s posted, along with articles shared with other readers and do a follow-up post next week to hopefully get a clear(er) picture on the purity of olive oil. Thanks again Linda, and please do keep us updated!! Has anyone ever seen verified EVOO that remained liquid after refrigeration? I even re-arranged the line-up of the jars in the fridge, thinking that their placement had something to do with it (although they were at the very coldest spot in the fridge… beef on the same shelf nearly froze during the test). I haven’t done the exact 2oz test in glass for 24 hours as you suggested but this was enough to notice there were obvious differences and now I know why, thanks to your post. Image not available. There is such a thing as customer service. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Quacks on the other hand are a dime a dozen. Who would have thought that such a lively and lengthy discussion would follow a post on something (that should be) as simple as extra virgin olive oil? Just having the oil pressed costs over $100 and hand picking is not very cost effective. It’s powerful when you say…well then, I don’t think I will buy this brand. We tried another brand from Trader Joe’s. We thought you were a club for its members and not try to deceive them. Most stores have return policies that should allow this. It solidified. West Virginia is now allowing sales of raw milk. I hope to see you again tomorrow. I do feel a little better about Kirkland honey now, but still even more tempted to buy it from the farmers market instead. Katie. $6.99 for a 1 L container. From the kitchen to the bathroom. We are processing your message. I do have a question for you. Specifications. Here’s more information on smoke points that may help: https://dontwastethecrumbs.com/2013/02/truth-about-fats-smoke-points-cooking-temperatures-and-choosing-the-best-fat-for-dinner/ Thanks for your kind words! And now I’ll go to sleep dreaming of homemade, cold first-pressed olive oil -mmm-mmm. – Grapesed oil far exceeds and while I’ll never stop using o.oil found interesting and reassuring.. I do NOT have the organic variety – just plain “Kirkland Extra Virgin Olive Oil.” Do test, and let us know! And not everyone has a Trader Joe’s or Grocery Outlet, you might need some ideas on where to find good olive oil! Get contact details that poster left for the company. It did not come out fully solidified. if anyone is interested it might save someone some money on impure honey!! Member's Mark Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3 L) Average rating: 4.7385 out of 5 stars, based on 1025 reviews (1025) current price: $12.48 $ 12. It used to be real, but apparently it ain’t anymore. The bright side is once you find one or two oils you trust, you shouldn’t have to re-test them unless you have reasons to suspect they’ve been tampered with. share. You mentioned that you are sparingly using olive oil to cook. Free shipping … organic steamed chickpeas water organic sesame tahini organic sunflower oil organic extra virgin olive oil sea salt organic dried garlic citric acid organic cumin organic gush gum . seeeemes like if the olive oil does not get solid at all pass it up …the more solid the better guality/ keep it simple, I did the test with Costco extra virgin and got about 75% solidification after 48 hrs at 37 degree temp Costco’s Kirkland Signature Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil from Italy: $14.99 for 2 liters ($0.222 per ounce) TIE! I’ve been disappointed by Kirkland Organic EVO (not to mention the “extra virgins” in multi-liter plastic jugs), but the Toscano signature oil is the real deal.”, I’m going to revisit this issue again next week. Than I found following article, can you check it out and tell which one to believe solid or crystallised EVOO. Which one took longer than the others? Compare it with other kinds of olive oil or even worse, canola. Is there a way to test in the store? I also thought it was a policy mandated by the FDA to list the top 8 food allergens on a food item. 1.500g. Name calling will not be tolerated, and honestly, isn’t necessary. This is the only brand I buy unless I can get Olive Oil from a small local farm here in California. Read the science (and non-science) and determine for yourself whether or not the fridge test is valid! I use it in my homemade dressing: T lemon juice; 1/3 C vinegar; 1/2 C Member's Mark Extra Virgin Olive Oil, salt and pepper to taste. Picture Information. And remember from early in our Truth About Fat series that polyunsaturated oils (the yellow vegetable kind) are liquid at both room temperature AND when refrigerated. I trust the brands at Thrive Market to be solid sources. You do have to retest them. Contains Lot number and time stamp. UPDATE:  Just a few weeks after this post was published I sifted through all of the the data left in the comments below, and even more. I buy the same brand of olive oil from Costco that you do. Cookie Dawg Extra Virgin Olive Oil Dropper - For Discrete Doses Back With The Parents This Christmas. I’ve used at least half of both bottles so I don’t think I can return them, but you can bet I’ll be trying a different brand. I just wrote another Email and I will get back to you if and when I get a reply. Thanks for sharing your experience Gary. Reason of review: Baking with EVOO is not a big deal – nothing gets hot enough to be over 350 – think of the “done” temp of a chicken after hours (180F) or bread (220). dewayneweed. After pressing the oil was kept in a dark closet with a very dark bottle and it was revered. If you want to know if your olive oil is the real thing, look for the COOC seal (tested for purity) or do your own taste test at home. Valerie, if the DaVinci brand got thicker (and the other brand not at all) – maybe there is a chance your fridge wasn’t cold enough. Fortunately, I received olive oil that my uncle in Italy had pressed by a local guy with my uncle’s own produce. Wow, I feel like I’ve been completely screwed over! In light of the event in India where over 20 children died eating their lunch. Makes a delicious substitute for butter and has zero cholesterol. Guess not. Do you drink tea? Grocery stores use sneaky marketing tactics so you stay in the store longer, buy things you don’t need, and spend more money. And then my next thought made me slightly angry:  Am I REALLY paying a premium price for a no-nutrition oil that’s being masked as a higher quality product because it’s in a fancier bottle?! It’s not easy, but avoiding that symbol can still be done. The flavor is a nice balance between rich and light. Honestly, my gut tells me to return the Costco olive oil. After watching Dr. Oz, I decided to check out my stash of olive oils purchased from Costco and Trader Joe’s. I also bought seven different brands at Trader Joe’s. Glad you all are doing your own research – now to more goodies… Been eating too many iron filings from to much cornflakes.lol. Serving Size: 1 tbsp (15 ml) Amount Per Serving. I haven’t read enough on sunflower oil to suggest one way or the other, but my suggestion would be to first find a reputable brand and contact them directly about how they process the oil. Tiffany I put olive oil in the refrigerator last night to test it. 2 Comments dewayneweed. We thought you were a club for its members and not try to deceive them. Thank you for this information. Unfortunately, it turns out the olive oil industry is rife with corruption and has been as far back as the 24th century B.C. Very interesting! Eat honey, syrup or seafood? . Tiffany, I’m sorry but the fridge test is a myth. Thanks for the compliment Russ, and for sharing your test results!! See: http://www.truthinoliveoil.com/2013/04/truth-on-olive-oil-health AND http://www.aromadictionary.com/EVOO_blog/?p=550. Maybe the tingle that occurs with real olive oil will be present like was with the olive oil produced by my uncle in Italy. Also just discovered Amphora Neuva, Berkeley, CA – that grows and presses their own o. oil and does import oils from Portugal, etc. I applied a trick to tell if the olive oil was pure an old friend once told me. Fortunately there’s a very simple test to ensure our olive oils really are made with olives, and they’re not being diluted with lesser quality imposters. Tiffany, I used to get it straight from the store in NH. It was tempting to copy and paste the whole thing for you guys to read, but instead I set it aside specific for today’s post. I’m really curious to put this to the test now! Also, to address the validity of the test, there is an update towards the bottom, where the discussion of whether this test is valid or not continues. Member's Mark 100% Pure Olive Oil has the purity, consistency, and taste that chefs love. 0%. Praise God that she’s recovering well! It should smell vibrant and wonderful. Put the jar in the refrigerator for 24 hours. http://worldtruth.tv/75-percent-of-all-honey-sold-in-stores-contains-no-honey-at-all/?fb_action_ids=10151517165419589&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map={%2210151517165419589%22%3A10150456215844398}&action_type_map={%2210151517165419589%22%3A%22og.likes%22}&action_ref_map=[] Although I completely agree in your comments on the color and taste, and how wonderful (and delicious) it would be to be able to press our own oils (or at least have a friend that does ). No harvest date, but has an expiration date of February 7, 2014 (purchased March 2013). Not even a little bit solid! Food allergies are absolutely no laughing matter, and I hope your experience causes positive changes, and hopefully prevents this from happening to another family. $37.44. There are 120 calories in 1 tbsp (14 g) of Member's Mark Organic Virgin Coconut Oil. Not as described/ advertised. I live in Savannah, Georgia but own a very small olive farm in Tuscany. No solidification yet, not even a sign of solidifying. Then the entire olive (pulp, skin and pit) is crushed and gently mixed to allow the various flavor components to permeate deep into the oil. . After my purchase of olive oil from West Coast Products (Orlinda Brand)extra virgin olive oil. Lastly, this is a positive and upbeat community. Each state has its own regulations. I put it in the frig. Sign in or Join now for full access. It did – after a full day – solidify. I just tested Field Day Organic Extra Virgin Olive oil from Spain and even after two days in the refrigerator, stil did not solidify. I am returning it……. ~Tiffany. Oh wait…that’s coming too. as the cheap refined sunflower oil is made by ~30% oil and ~70% water or hidrogenated … Consumer Reports did a test on olive oil last year. I’ll leave them for a full 24 or even 48 hours and see if it just takes a little longer. The oil being “old” doesn’t explain it either, since I had bought it early March and opened the container just for the experiment – I haven’t even really used it yet! water, white balsamic vinegar (wine vinegar, concentrated grape must [contains sulfites]), sugar, soybean oil, basil, salt, extra virgin olive oil, lemon juice concentrate, contains less than 1% of dried garlic, garlic, citric acid, dried onion, spice, xanthan gum. Thanx for the test info and will test my F.Berio OEVOO tonight. The GrapeOla brand has o. oil vs grape seed oil comparison of Polyunsaturated fat. So I purchased a different brand (Flora). Thanks for posting! There’s a list—a massive list—online that names all the verified genuine olive oils, and presumably it will be updated year by year. @Pam: I use organic coconut oil often when I cook, but don’t like the distinctive “sweeter” taste it gives to some foods. Here is their response to my questions: They use 100% olive oil. Hmm, don’t get it. SAM's has Member Mark Extra Virgin Olive Oil (3 litre). There’s an update at the bottom of the post linking to this: https://dontwastethecrumbs.com/2013/04/you-decide-is-the-olive-oil-fridge-test-valid-or-not/, Full, comprehensive research on the research done on olive oil…. Home cooking. Pour on salads, enjoy! I don't know if I just can't find the search option. I’m dreaming about the taste of home-made olive oil now… Mmmm…. You would have to find a farmer willing to sell it to you illegally off the farm but they are out there if you live in a state that gives itself the right to tell you that you can’t eat what you want. Thanks for letting us know! –DH, Interesting… I personally think there IS some validity to the olive oil test, because of the science behind it (more in this post), but I do understand why it won’t work 100% of the time. I cannot see that any oil costing less than $10 per liter will be 100% evoo. I’ve never had the courage to test my reaction to measured amounts of soy. Hi Tiffany, That is why it cost a fortune you’re paying for the FDA inspector. About $7 a litre. Maybe that’s the difference? My pleasure Kirsten! Thanks for letting us know how your experiment turned out. When put in the fridge it definitely became solid. Next, pour some in a little glass, and take a taste. I had a 3 liter bottle of "Members Mark" olive oil from Sam's Club (a USA warehouse shopping club); Members Mark is the store brand oil from Sam's Club (Wal-Mart). Make the time to read the full article here. Before they switched labels to their own brand the first pressed oil was great. If Tiffany was a quake that would really be something to talk about. If it solidifies then you know, if it doesn’t return it. Why is it rated number one on the list for real olive oil? There is a maximum of 0.5% acidity in this bottle. If your comments do not further the discussion in a helpful manner, they will be deleted. Trader Giotto Olive Oil (not EV or V) is on this list and said to have labeling on the back that lists the origins of this “Italian” olive oil as coming from Italy, and not so Italian Greece, Spain, and Portugal. Fresh ingredients bought from local growers. This is very discouraging, as I have experienced GREAT improvements with my heart health and over all wellness while including real EVOO in my diet. 0 comments. Mr. Crumbs sent me an article last month that made my jaw drop. ~Tiffany. In my refrigerator, the outlet is front and center. save. I have a bottle of DELALLO 100% Italian EVOO Turned solid in the Refrigerator. Woohoo! Costco’s Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil came out on top for purity, taste, price and having the correct darkness to the container. Omega 6 and Vit. I do NOT buy any Italian based oils or distributed by Italy as most of them are FAKE and do not solidify in the fridge. Just wanted to chime in with Valerie that I too tested my Bertolli EVOO and it didn’t solidify… so it’s unlikely that BOTH of our fridges weren’t cold enough. Practically all honey is adulterated with high fructose corn syrup. http://www.crunchybetty.com/when-your-extra-virgin-olive-oil-isnt-so-wholesome. Since we don’t really know what temperature low/medium/high is on our stove tops, it’s best practice to just use a better fat for cooking and save olive oil for straight up eating. Thanks for chiming in Katie! Something in that bottle should show signs of coagulating and nothing smells like an olive. , Grocery Outlet, Seville, cold pressed, extra virgin olive oil, imported from Italy, dark green bottle. Free shipping . There are also smaller lists, in 15 to 25 increments. 0%. But there is no explanation why it took twice as long to get to the same result. No rating. I purchesed a (Sam’s Club) Members Mark 3 liter bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and the bottle has nothing on it but an expiration date. Cheeseslave printed a retraction on her fridge test article, after learning it’s not accurate, and the UC Davis olive oil center just published a press release debunking it, too. Bob where are you finding raw milk? These companies must be in violation and breaking the law. We pay people working for our government good money to do that for us and have always trusted they are doing their job. This bottle was a Grocery Outlet find and experiment. Not only are we being duped but our health is at risk as well. Tiffany, you addressed the poster by asking him to offer links and such, but you never addressed his original point that in fact most all monounsaturated oils as well as some poly oils will solidify. Good news Tiffani (great name, by the way ). You must compare with an olive oil of quality before testing the others. The coldest spot in the refrigerator is right under the cold air outlet. I had no idea such a wonderful conversation would ensue either, but it’s been fun and engaging! Blair Massey: Actually, the Consumer Reports article I believe you are referring to (http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2012/09/how-to-find-the-best-extra-virgin-olive-oil/index.htm) is specifically for the Kirkland Signature Toscano oil, not the organic one. I thought that there may have been an issue with my olive oil when I notice that the brand I’ve been using for over 2 years (Pompeian) started to solidify less and less over time. Grrrrr! Log in or sign up to … That one pass the U of California test as being one of the five brands that was authentic. This article aims at providing you with the best olive oil reviews so you can choose your bottle wisely.. They have found uranium in milk and cheese…so like I said good luck. 0.000g. It’s a racket. Seal the jar. 18%. Fluorescence spectra of undiluted extra virgin olive oil obtained with the traditional setup (right-angle fluorescence) show considerable artifacts and deformations due to self-absorption phenomena, even when the spectra are corrected for inner filter effects. I hope this sparks a movement lobbying the government to put more weight on our food labels. 08-08-2012, 05:27 PM. Usama.-. I hate to waste, so I will use the rest of the bottle that’s open first. I buy it in 5kg lots to make it economical. Mouse over to Zoom-Click to enlarge. However I am going to take it back and will go to Costco and purchase theirs. It would mike ID much simpler! We refuse to pay into the “kosher tax” racket, period. do you mean quack so your calling her a duck or a goose. How is it that if a brand like Bertolli failed minimum 2 years ago, that the stores still sell them as EVOO? I went back to Costco and was able to fine one bottle that actually had only one region, Tuscany, a harvest date of October/November 2013, which meant that it’s good till April/May, 2014, (six months)and was extra virgin, cold pressed within a few hours of harvesting–one liter Kirkland Signature Toscano for $11.99 and it solidified completely. This article had some great points [home-pressed olive oil which did not solidify in the fridge! To round up, if still liquid, not olive oil, if solid, it just might be olive oil. http://ucanr.edu/blogs/blogcore/postdetail.cfm?postnum=9582, I thought it was quite interesting because Mom and I have always depended on the refrigerate test. We do cook a lot with coconut oil, but my daughter breaks out w/skin acne evertime we use coconut oil or coconut flour. 2.500g. Showing Results for Member's Mark. Scubadoo97. A daily dose of extra virgin olive oil may act as a natural pain reliever, according to a new study that shows that this oil contains an anti-inflammatory ingredient. Just read your thread. I also had used half of my bottle and can’t return it. I don’t know if you can test olive oil before you purchase it, unless you purchase it specifically from an olive oil shop, but even then it would require refrigeration and I don’t know if that’s something they will accommodate. Last Updated February 9, 2018 137 Comments. ELIKI Extra Virgin Olive … Description Personalized health review for Member's Mark Olive Oil, Extra Virgin, First Cold Pressing: 120 calories, nutrition grade (B plus), problematic ingredients, and more. Grown and pressed in the best olive regions of Italy, our extra-virgin oil features a smooth, balanced taste and a nice, spicy finish. Looking for an alternative! Even in that distant … I put the entire bottles in the refrigerator and left them alone for two days. 48 $0.14/fo. Just found this link on Olive Oil and thought I would share it. Those are the 2 main things you look for & California Ranch is suppose to be one of the top best. We must know what we are buying and eating is safe and what we are paying for. warm air rises.. top shelf wud b warmer. Thank you dear Tiffany for your great research. Online. ~Tiffany, Kristen, im testing now. It owes its popularity to health benefits and culinary usefulness. The Pure and Extra Virgin of Costco have no taste, which I attribute to refining the taste out of it. Considering from the test I ran that Costco olive oil may not be the best. Aside from the dishonesty and greed, this practice is life-threatening! First, let’s talk about the oils. They’re still liquid. Coffee? Did you try making it colder, and trying again? Researcher Paul Breslin, PhD, of the Monell Chemical Senses Center, published his results in the September 1, 2005 issue of Nature. Or just not using it very often and realizing that it’s not pure olive oil. After 12 hours, two of the three oils had completely solidified. All I know is that if I ingest too much soy, my hands and face turn numb and I cannot see, talk, stand or walk. We refuse to pay a supplementary and secret tax under the pretense it certifies safety, cleanliness and other such nonsense. This website explains why: http://www.aromadictionary.com/EVOO_blog/?p=550 . I greatly appreciate it! 0 Comments Description. Thanks for the note Carol Ann – you’re not the first reader to comment on that, so I’m revisiting the issue again next week. Select a club. The technique is most likely only known by a handful of professionals in the R&D lab kitchen world. ~Tiffany. Product Reviews (13) Search term may appear only in full report available to members. Thank you for sharing this with Healthy Vegan Fridays. After reading it, I felt cheated and deceived. I’m glad to see so many responding to food labeling. It is used in numerous diet plans because it is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, which help with weight loss.Olive oil also promotes heart health, regulates high blood … You can try to reach review author by writing a comment to the review or try one of our business solutions. . WHOLE FOOD is the only way to go and raw milk is on that list. Do you think this fridge test should be the same for sunflower oil too ? 0.00g. I just stumbled upon your article and enjoyed reading it and the update. You can buy raw milk in Canada by buying a share in a cow. I am waiting to see if they get back to me or not. I know that there’s no 100% foolproof method to test olive oil, but I do think that the fridge test is a test that could possibly rule out bad oils.

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