And that mount in your top pic is amazing. 8:58. This isn't a PSA, anyone who was paying attention to the build-up to Ishgard Restoration or anyone with a working brain knew this was going to be crafting related content. Atop the escutcheon rests a winged crown, representing the archbishop. From endgame crafters in serious raid FCs all the way down to someone who literally just unlocked Culinarian and wants to make barbecue brisket. Let me help you get started as quickly as possible into this new mechanic and guide you to success! Level 80 - can macro craft 100 an hour. 4:44. FFXIV OST - Ishgard Restoration FATE Theme - Duration: 4:44. dudewhereismyspoon 47,626 views. Crafted works can still be handed in to the collectable appraiser for scrips & exp but building work is now paused until phase two is patched in. BakusaiTenketsu 1 year ago #11. Am I just being silly about this? I think 3 - 5 hours per day of non-stop crafting (or gathering, which probably would be even more hours) is a lot of time and thus quite stressful. My server has completed the current phase though, so no more fates. Expert - can reliably craft 25-30 an hour dependent on RNG. The titles awarded to top players, “Saint of the Firmament” and “Beatus / Beata of the Firmament” are the same as those awarded during the rankings held at the release of Patch 5.21. Patch 5.11 brought us Ishgard Restoration! Many people got discouraged by the early scores and decided not to pursue it during phase 2 because they thought it was going to be available again in another ranking season. This time it actually has a longer series of quests, but we haven’t seen those yet; that’ll take a little time and I have a feeling that the designers planned for a longer turnaround after watching everything get eaten so quickly the first time. I never had interest in being a Crafter or Gatherer before Shadowbringers launched. At max rating, that's 2,400 scrip and 10,860 Restoration points. Final Fantasy XIV Patch 5.21 launched on March 10, bringing with it a host of exciting new content.The patch centers around the long-awaited second phase of the Ishgardian Restoration… Though most of my weekend was spent in Animal Crossing, one thing did happen in FFXIV that I wanted to note. Ishgard restoration … It always astonishes me, what people consider to not be "too stressful". Crafting changes and ishgard restoration were anti-climatic; User Info: BakusaiTenketsu. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Ishgard Restoration LVL 80 Ishgard Restoration • 60 Durability 3943 Difficulty Patch 5.2 LVL 70 Ishgard Restoration • 60 Durability 2214 Difficulty Patch 5.2 High quality Restoration gifts and merchandise. There are a few requirements that will give you a new quest. I… ... some servers you could be top 100 after a single craft, that is just bad. There are 5 different items, based on your crafting level bracket: Levels 20, 40, 60, 70, 80. Does anyone else have the issue where they only see Ishgard Restoration in the duty list, but not showing any quests or anything? At max rating, that's 6300 scrip and 12,400 Restoration points. P2 Ishgard macros - RS GW vs 4.5k 100% pre-5.3 macro encounter trouble with reliability bc must make use of procs or succeed RS in order to complete the craft; ie., unable to achieve 100… FFXIV - 5.21 Expert Recipe /w Lousy Equipment - Duration: 15:55. Here's a picture of what I see when I'm in Ishgard. second big batch of Ishgard Restoration content! All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. In the central region of Abalathia's Spine, that great mountain range that spans Aldenard from east to west, can be found the forbidding highlands of Coerthas and the Holy See of Ishgard. High quality Ishgard gifts and merchandise. Power level Crafters/Gathers (Diadem/Ishgard Restoration Phase 2) - Duration: 8:58. I would also give special thanks to the following builders whose exemplary contributions have set a new standard in quality and craftsmanship. This is like that stupid "PSA: Dancers will use ranged gear" topic before Shadowbringers dropped. As I've posted before, I was pretty active around the Diadem and in leveling my final crafting jobs on my alt, Amon, during the release of the new phase of the Ishgard restoration. Thread: Ishgard Restoration phase 3 feedback thread. Top 100 isn't too stressful I'd say, maybe 3/5 hours a day of expert crafts. Support Meoni Here: Patreon Benefits include end credit listings & Discord. The Holy See's standard is an escutcheon divided into four quarters, each bearing the sigils of the four High Houses of Ishgard: House Haillenarte on the upper left, House Durendaire on the upper right, House Dzemael on the lower left, and House Fortemps on the lower right. It won't highlight any quest objectives in Ishgard and is super inconvenient. The Ishgardian Restoration is added in 5.11 patch.